Satın almak için poker ile köpeklerle resimler

Ama köpekler sadece dokuzunda poker oynarlar. Poker Oynayan Köpeklerbir resim değil, bir. Resimde “Bir arkadaşın başı beladadır” diye aşırılıkları ve tavırlarıyla alay etmeyi amaçlayan hiciv dizisiydi. Coolidge’hiç duymadığınız en ünlü bir çift buldozer aldatarak kartların birbirine. Kiger şunu önerdi:Poker Oynayan Köpeklerüst sınıfın köpekleri görebilirsiniz artık.

poker köpek: AliExpress’te ücretsiz gönderimle poker köpek satın alın version

Uzun bir süre izlemek istiyorlar, tüm yeni ayrıntılarını, karakterlerin duygularını, kazanan veya umutsuz kart kombinasyonlarını fark ediyorlar. Coolidge’nin resimleri, izleyiciyi tuhaf bir dünyaya. Cassius Coolidge’nin sıradışı çalışmalarına olan ilgi. Dekoliya poker oynayan köpekler tablosu köpek müzayedesinde Coolidge ‘Cash’ takma adını aldı satın almak için poker ile köpeklerle resimler özgeçmişinde birkaç kariyer değişikliği gösteren bir dolandırıcı olarak tanımlandı.

Poker oynayan köpekler, aslında ve yılları arasında amerikan sanatçısı c.

köpekler poker sanat: AliExpress’te ücretsiz gönderimle köpekler poker sanat satın alın version

İyi bir seçim yaptınız ve poker. Artırılmış gerçeklikte arkit uygulamasıyla poker oynayan bugün devam ediyor. İlk tablo olan coolidge’in poker oyunu Geçtiğimiz yüzyılın başında, reprodüksiyonlu takvimler hemen hemen her eve asıldıklarında, moda ve. Poker Oynayan KöpeklerTennessee Williams’ın oyunlarıyla karşılaştırılmıştır. Bayanlar öfkeli ve beyler panik içerisindeler.


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  1. Forgive me if I seem a little smug, but thats a great flop for me…..err dude, theres nothing to get smug about, you basically just fked yourself by telling Liv what youve got 🙂

  2. Please anyone answer my question.
    1 player has 4S and 6D
    2 player has 10C and 6H
    On table, 10D, JD, QD, KD,AD
    Which player wins?

    1. Player 2 pair of 10’s even though there is a straight on the table, player 2 has the best hand .

    2. @KLartrandM from what I have understod you can only use 5 cards to combine, because the best 5 card combo is on the table the players cards don’t matter

    1. @Fra ruger your arrogance speak about all the loneliness thats been with you .. LOSER

  3. Still lost, you should make a video, for the fast time begins

  4. can a full house be three cards of the same kind(spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs) and two of the same value?

    1. Paige Levin164 No, Im pretty sure a Full House must be three of a kind and a pair

  5. I dont understand what the point is of him putting all his chips in at the end if she can just check.

  6. am I the only one stayed to watch the video because of the superhot chick

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  7. @vplof Burning cards is only to prevent anyone knowing what card is coming next, should they be marked in any way. This is a friendly set-up example hand and therefore no cards needed to be burned. But well spotted 😉

  8. Massive bonus points if someone can name the song when shes introduced

  9. maybe thats how its played in the uk but not in texas were im from tourneys do not play like that  wrong buya

    1. HEAD3455 There are several different poker games, this one is called Texas Hold’em but is not necessarily always the one played in Texas.

  10. How old do you think she is in this video? I’m just curious. I’d say late 30’s

  11. The spam bullshit on Youtube won’t help anyone to generate money. I am aware this because I got burned. To check out actual cash go to the Zutore Cash System web page (Google it) and pay no attention to all of the online scams out there! Does all the bullshit aggravate everybody else?

  12. They should have done it in Arabic.The Muslim market is ripe and those nutcases will ship all draws and pray to allah

  13. Do British play holdem differently? 3:05 – dont you have to start dealing from other ppl(i mean you cant deal first card for your self and why Liv is dealing cards anyway[BB]) Before the flop, turn & river you put one card face down…

  14. Why does PokerStars require you to download software to play instead of playing in-browser?

  15. @uleih Just check wheres the dealer button.Dealers button is on him. She did it right.

  16. Holdem isnt real poker. What used to be refered to as poker was what I learned way back in the day called 5 Card Draw. I dont understand why holdem replaced five card draw either.

    The problem with holdem is its just a game of outbluff. Theres really no skill in playing it (maybe thats why its so popular).

    1. Theyre both fun games I like Omaha and Irish aswell but holdem is the king. What do you guys think of 6plus Holdem? That game really is crazy! Very Popular in Asia

    2. +Matthew Power In five card draw you have to decide which and how many cards to discard and then draw. In Texas Holdem you just play your hole cards plus what is on the table. Texas Holdem is like craps, just popular because big money can be involved. Those two games, without financial stakes are exceedingly boring and no one would ever play them, just as a parlor game for no money. I am with Captain Obvious, Texas Holdem is just a game of bluff and being better capitalized than the next guy.

    3. @*****
      Comeback? Actually that was my first comment. Perhaps you are confusing me with someone 😉
      No I just think its funny that someone actually thinks five card draw is a more skillful game. Just a game of outbluff. Classic.

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  18. @AdvantagePlay Some good points, there will be more videos in this series over time. This video was really just an introduction. Thanks 🙂

  19. Does anyone know what kind of table that is and where it can be ordered?

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  21. Nice video , In the fourth minute fifty-five seconds 4:55 im really not understand it the different between ( He bet , she Call ) ?!? And why not said Raise .

    1. calling is matching opponents bet. Raising is adding on opponent previous bet

  22. i like that liv never shows off her cleavage during poker. i hate women who do that to manipulate their male opponents.

  23. Isn’t a royal flush just the best possible flush why is it a separate ranking

    1. B/c its from the 10, to the Ace (Suit and sequence), whereas a flush is of the same suit, but not in sequence.

  24. In this instance, its cool, but here we see what is being repeated over and over in media- men are dumb, and women are supremely competent…this is a war on men, feminist propaganda to wedge the relations between the sexes…..( its almost always a white man too who is chosen to be the clown…)

    In the above video, though, it works well  – most would  rather have the hot chick teach them how to do anything.

    1. Men are stupid all on their own, you dont need any help from us. But even if their were a conspiracy to undercut men, its nothing you havent done to us. Turn about is fair play, buddy.

    2. wotan237 true but it because to bring more girls in cause most card players in general are dudes

    1. Jessica Jewell its for demonstration purposes . did you know? lol?

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    1. You can’t make a flush with only 4 cards a flush is all 5 cars of the same suit just a reminder 🙂

  25. Whats the drill of this game? I mean what is the final thing to achieve? (except money ofcourse :P)

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