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158 Replies to “2020de ezici zoom poker torrent indir”

    1. He probably got tilted by some he did once, so he got the weak reg tag.

    2. Also Soviet Wings is not tagged. Him and Ishter (although Ishter mostly in the Z500 pool. I dont see him in Z200 much) are quite a margin better than the rest of us

  1. 52:00 that jam on the turn with AK on the 4bpot seems like not optimal right? seems like a clear bet small again or check spot for me, you just missplayed? You need no protection there for shoving that way, and probably you do not have an allin range there (only some A4cc) maybe is even not a range at all, but if it is one, you will never put this combo of AK there just like that I belive.

    For the most part, your exploitative style is just amazing.

    1. @Raise Your Edge I havent really check that one on pio but it is hard for me to see the logic in jaming, when we are not really gonna force a lot of mistakes on villan overall strategy by doing so. I will check it tho.

      Thanks for answering!

    2. well the EV difference of betting small vs large is minor, so I would not call it a missplay but def. something that can be optimized. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Are these ranges not too loose considering rake? flatting 22 in the sb? Also is limping marginals like K3s in this rake environment profitable?

  3. I’m the 1000th like👍 great video. I don’t get why you don’t like 65s utg and 76s if regs are in the blinds etc. What suited connectors are you playing from EP? Won’t your range be harder to navigate on all the middling flops?
    Cheers Ben GL in the WSOP main 2020!

  4. If you play 200 zoom with ego problems then something is seriously wrong with you or you just have to much money lol

  5. how do u balance ur range when 5x6x pre in these games against calling stations because they will just fold do we raise 10j suited 89 suited the same

  6. I think you are way too loose in BB defense. You must not defend 74s against 3x open of UTG. Even if hes fish. And you showed too many loosey goosey flats alot. Even if you keep doing this because of your post flop skills, you arent gonna lose in total. But even if thats true, make standard preflop does make your total EV increased for sure. You are not even using HUDs on this vids so you should stick to your default strategy at least preflop. Even against fish you cannot know they are loose or tight.

    I have been simulated preflop solver tools alot and its quite negative EV to call in any position other than BB, BTN to call with marginal hands. The only reason that you win against the players are merely you have better post flop skills and you can just do it better when you keep your aggression by only 3bet/fold in MP, CO, SB and calling only at BTN, BB with standard calling range.

  7. 17:09 – Why when he opens 3x with 30bb he can be tagged as a rec player?

    1. Because if a player has < 100 BB, he is automatically a fish. No pro would sit with less than 100 BB

  8. 30:50 why is the sizing weird? and what would be a usual sizing and why?

  9. Havent watched the video yet but just want to say – BEN YOURE MY HERO! And thank you for all the amazing content. Although Im predominantly a CG player, I always love watching your content :3

    1. Id like to see this too as I have become confused with it all in cash games, whether t bet small, large or check and all the different formations of positions etc, no wonder Im still languishing in micros,

    2. we want to cover everything at one point so yes and stay tuned

  10. Nice video, and a lot to try out for me. thx a lot for that !
    Also i would have liked to see you opening the chest boxes at the end of the video

  11. 4:48 its not even a close decision to fold 22 pre sbvbb? a9o on 982ss K turn is a bad call for COvbb single raised pot?

    1. jiwei snow that’s what I’m saying. Anytime this dude is outplayed he tries to blame the other player

  12. Recreational? Hes a fucking FISH!!!!!!!!!!!! What? you feel bad taking their money and you think that calling them recreationals shows the respect you have for them. You keep donating me your money, ill call you rec as a sign of respect. And what is the word recreational meaning? That he is recreating losing some money? Nobody wants to lose money!!!! They are FISH!!!!! this is the word use it!

  13. How can you see so fast how many tables somone is playing on pokerstars zoom?

  14. if you think that A9 turn call makes that player bad, u shouldnt be teaching poker. You think you know how to exploit him now, by checking back turns way too much?

    1. There is a huge difference between labeling someone as a bad player or a play as bad 😉
      Thanks for your feedback.

  15. Hi Ben, I am a beginner and i dont have enough money to buy your class on Raise your Edge. Can you give me some advices to be a better poker player buddy? Because i really want to be a pro poker player. Thank you so much!

    1. Start engaging with other pokerplayers, post hands, get feedback but more importantly also share your thoughts on other peopples hands. There are plenty of poker forums or you can join our discord here:

  16. There are levels to this game man. If i was an aspiring pro id give you my money and buy your course lol. The best i can do for now is subscribe!

  17. 23:06 Come on Ben you aint balancing them 2s calling in small blind v button open 😉

    1. @Raise Your Edge And you think people wont adjust and squeeze light in the big blind alot?

  18. thank you for this great content. your videos always makes me feel more confident.

  19. JO Ben mein Freund, es gibt vermutlich auf Youtube kein Format 4 Free, welches so viel Value hat wie deine. Du bist ein sau starker Spieler, dem es einfach spaß macht, weniger begnadeten oder weniger motivierten Menschen das Game nahe zu bringen! Mach weiter so und Danke!

  20. i think tagging someone after seeing them play only one hand like the guy with the A9 is not a very good idea, what if he misplayed one hand, what if he is on tilt, what if his mother entered the room there are so many what ifs so i think you dont have enough information to tag someone after one hand, with that beeing said if he does something really stupid which i dont think the guy with A9 did i think then its fine to tag

  21. real players stay off off you tube. they dont give their methods of eating ur lunch away. eg, sterling kolde poker has taken down all his videos. kolde is good. Ivers is a very good 500 nl player. He quit streaming also.

  22. On the quad its the first time i hear you really show some emotion in your voice, nice to hear sometime..

    1. @Raise Your Edge 16:08 the raise with the flush, the reason we doing it is because if one more spade comes we wont take any value of any ace(low aces with spade card could bet flop with their equity?) or pairs that bet for protect, but value can be from low flush that also bets for protect and maybe value from mirror KxJs and value KxQs by river flush and tuff call turn. Can you explain what is our perceived range in opponents view after our raise , if he is regular and what SHOULD he call and SHOULD fold or what should you do if you place yourself in his spot with different hands . Sorry alot of text, just now I see poker can be very fun and interesting and I am trying to learn right now

  23. Hi Bencb. Could you please explain your HUD stats ? Is it hands, Vpip, pfr and 3 bet ?

    1. We recommend checking out this video one of our coaches made:

  24. Every video you make is full of super valuable information. I keep re-watching them over and over again. Thanks for providing us all with the insight of a true pro coach

    1. thats why we do it so happy that you see the value that we are providing, keep it up buddy

  25. I love your cashgame videos alot. You are so good at explaining your reasonings behind your actions and your opponents actions. Also I like that when the hand is over you are judging your opponents play… was it good or bad and if it wasnt completely bad you explain how it wouldve been better. It gives us viewers multiple ways of learning from one hand. Thank you for educational content. I wish you would record more often cashgame videos. There are people who want cash game focused content as well :). ()

  26. Almost 1000$ in one hour of ZNL200. The clarity in your game is amazing Ben…

  27. I love these videos. I pick up something useful every single time I watch them.

    1. @Raise Your Edge No, thank you. I use your videos as warmups before I play and they help me focus on solid fundamentals.

  28. Great and very insightful video as always!
    But I dont understand why A10 and K10 are a call (1:05:35) while 10 9 is an easy fold? Maybe im missing fundamental pieces of gto strategies but with that raise, isnt he polarizing his range to trips or better? Im sure some highstakes pros can make thin value raises with J10/Q10 vs certain opponents looking to get called by worse in which case I understand but other than that, whats the diff between different 10-kickers right here?

    1. Because when it ocmes to bluffcatching, you dont want to block your opponents bluffs (J9s, 97, 96). If you have AT or KT it makes it more likely that your opponent has a bluff.

  29. Such a great video Ben. Love to pick your brains and implement it in my own game. Thanks for the great content again. Much Love <3

  30. people 4bet with AK but when they get 5 bet they just call,so if flop comes some numbers,no flush draw,they fold on 35% to 63% bet in position

  31. Stopped watching when you noted dude as a bad turn call… you have no clue what his thinking process is, he snapped you on river you were outplayed……

    1. Patrick McKenzie he snap called the river bet…. this is great content but don’t blame other players “bad” play for losing a hand

    2. Against Heros overall range this turn call OOP isnt a good call. On all rivers except an A or 9 what do you do vs the river barrel? Your just calling blind to hope your villain gives up which isnt going to happen at this high level of play.

    3. happens. Something we all get outplayed. Thanks for your feedback! Hopefully next time you continue watching.

  32. You bluffed with the best hand numerous times on this video. I think we have to raise here with top pair mediocre kicker… What fn hand is going to call??? You were lucky that they folded every time you did that. lol

    1. Yes I love it. I m a poker noob trying to improve and, being poker a game of information, it’s fascinating how much more information you can extract in each situation to make better decisions

  33. You never make mistakes but u absolutely never bluff. Somehow u can be exploited and i think you want too large values sometimes ( considering opponents know this)

  34. Do you think people play differently against you when they recognize your name and try to do some over ambitious fancy play like the A4s squeeze and triple barrel bluff into your quads?

    1. sometimes it feels like it im im being honest but i take it 😉

  35. Hey Ben I use all your free content to become a decent player one day. Im lucky to have a very good pro as a coach ( he recommended your content for my studies ) and Im really thankful for that huge amount of free content!

    Would a raise on the flop (right window) 15:48 be a valid option as well?

    Best regards

    1. @Raise Your Edge sorry for that updated it you were actually in position with KJ

  36. Bencb is back on the Cash Games Tables, let us know what you think about the new video in the comments. #letsCRUSH

    1. Hey guys! I would like to know what is the HUD Bencb is using in this video, keep up the great content looking forward for more!

  37. i disagree with raising turn on the k9 hand @28:44… against a good aggresssive reg this can only put you in very tricky spots on many rivers against a reg in which a spade, diamond, j 10 are very bad cards… they will be balanced so they will often have it and often turn Ace x into a bluff… i think it serves better as a call down

    1. well, but we dont know whether villain is a good aggressive opponent. K9 with unblocking all Ax hands and draws you wanna put in a raise and get value from all the draws. You are to afraid of what might happen on rivers and aggressive opponents. Thats where aggressive opponents always make a lot of money because people are to passive and scared to go thin for value.

  38. The word here is MORE WE WANT MORE of cash content even if you could pull some on NL50./100 would be gr8 , anyway

    thank you sir – keep it up

  39. Another great video. And great timing as I have recently started mixing in / breaking up my MTT grind with some NL25 NL50 FForward. Always impressed with the level of clarity with which you can explain situations whilst continuing to play!

    1. thanks so much for the kind words, i try very hard to make it as clear as possible

  40. Thank you for the free content Ben! Greetings from Bulgaria, wish u all the best <3

  41. Hi Ben, can you show us your all-time cash game graph in this stake and other stakes?

    No offence but tournament players are usually trash cash game players.


    1. @Jonathan CG i mean you are speaking some true statements but bencb is an eternal student and teacher of the game who points in countless hours with solvers and speaking with some of the brightest minds in poker. 200 zoom would be light work for him 100%

    2. @Chris M Okay, then please tell me where Im wrong? I have verified Mike Mcdonalds EPT results and I was wrong. In fact he was 1st place only in 1 EPT tournament, he was 2nd et 3rd places in the others, but it doesnt matter, the point is comparing tournaments results from a tournament poker player to cash games is irrelevant especially in z200+ cash games.

    3. @Jonathan CG Google is your friend Jonathan clearly. Stop trying to act like you know what youre talking about, its embarrassing.

    4. ​@Thomas Labelle The fact that you believe Ben is a crusher in zoom 200 because he crushes high stakes tournaments clearly show you misunderstand the differences between tournaments and cash games. You realise Mike Mcdonald won multiples EPT tournaments and won millions of dollars playing tournaments (and he did played online tournaments alot), yet he has shown a graph of him losing -4.89BB/100 on z500 on stars? And this was in 2015, it was wayyy before everyone started using solvers to analyze their own plays. So imagine in 2019…

    5. Jonathan CG Im a little too old to argue on the internet and I never said that it was sustainable to have that kind of winrate long term but just the fact that you believe Ben needs to work on his game in order to crush zoom 200 says it all, you two are proud members of the tournament pros cant crush cash game club.

  42. I started playing with 15.000 iconic chips (watching ur videos) i made them 18 millions. I think im ready to start with cash thanks to ur videos. Greetings from Greece (sorry for my english)

  43. 35:24 to 35:50 didnt get it finally about Q K high flush draws that we make fold and about low draws that we cant make fold with K fd in range? You mean we can make fold Qx Kx Jx combos with 1 flush blocker or suited ?

  44. do not play poker !!! you are like Canadians frostbitten …

  45. HEY BENCB i see you have so many boxessss ,could you update a video you open these boxes, i think we love to see it how lucky you are to get the top cash back 10000 dollars hahaha

    1. maybe in the future, but i can tell you that i had a similar amount once before without anything good in it

  46. I like this guy, but I dont really like this obsession with crushing.

    1. @Raise Your Edge awwww hes deleting my comment because its too true 🙁

  47. Does anybody what the mouse cursor Bencb using please?! Thanks. Awesome video always! 🙂

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