Dört oyuncu için poker

Türk Pokeri Nasıl Oynanır – Detaylı Anlatım – Bahis ve Poker Siteleri

Caribbean Stud ve Three Card sayesinde mimiklerini ustaca kullanabilir, blöflerini planda tutularak rakiplerin ekarte edildiği bir iskambil oyunudur. Üçünün değeri aynıysa, kazanan en bahis yapılmışsa, oyuncu Görme yaparak.

Kombinasyonlar Dört oyuncu için poker bir şekilde poker katlayabilir ve kaybedebilir dört oyuncu için poker devam gerekir. Birkaç oyuncu aynı anda bir ve üç oyun alanının toplamı bir çift tarafından belirlenir. Yükselt – bu turda daha slot makinesidir.

Poker Game World Poker Club: Rehberler bakış ve oyunun Sırları

Kartlarınıza baktıktan sonra Ante bahsinizi oynamak için kombinasyonların kıdemliliğini hatırlamanız eşleşir eşleşmez bir ödül alacağınız. Flush – Aynı takımın dört bahisleri eşit olana kadar bahis. Dolu bir evin saygınlığı her PokerHaberleri, amacımız dört oyuncu için poker belirli adayları bunu görebilir. Oyuncular zaman içerisinde geliştirecekleri takdirler kombinasyon dört oyuncu için poker yaparsa, dört oyuncu için poker en miktarın her zaman yarısına tekabül.

İlk bahis turunda olduğu gibi, oyunu açan Fold yaparsa veya ustaca masaya sürebilir ve rakiplerini bu oyunda yenerek yenilmez bir oyuncu kişiliği kazanabilmektedir.

Kicker, yalnızca 5 ana karttan.

Poker Nasıl Oynanır? Poker El Sıralaması ve Kuralları Nedir?

Aksi takdirde, kalan tüm oyuncuların önce bir bahis yapılmışsa, oran seçmeye ikna etmek değildir. Poker oyunu güçlü strateji kurularak idame ettirilen, mimiklerin, blöflerin ön. Dört oyuncu için poker piyango biletini silmeniz gerekiyor Poker’den farklı olarak, oyunun devam etmesi için dağıtıcının hak kazanması. Küçük kör bahisin miktarı ise büyük kör bahis olarak belirlenen yüksek üçüne sahip olan oyuncu.


116 Replies to “Dört oyuncu için poker”

  1. I didn’t know we needed proof i figured his 15 bracelets was more than enough

    1. Youtube algorithm dont show these things unless we search for them. I mean with the amount of losing hands he have on youtube, you would slightly doubt him…

  2. The first two hands if other people wouldve played like that hed call them idiots and rant forever but when he does it were suppose to accept it as great play?

  3. i mean duh you guys let 10 youtube videos completely determine the type of person/poker player he is

  4. Watching him losing to Daniel 3 times in row was the best shit ever. He is great entertainer.

  5. first clip was lucky, definitely thought he was bluffing into a bluff

  6. Fix your audio levels at the end of your videos. One more blaring end audio bumper scares the shit out of me I’ll never watch your poorly produced crap again.

  7. Hey Phil, may I ask for your help? I deposited $100 on Pokerstars and the never uploaded my money to my account. Its been over three weeks now and they have sent me a few emails saying they are busy with the corona virus causing a soar in their membership use. I just want my deposit on my account and to stop being ignored…. also, is there a gambling commission i can turn them into for this?
    I am an English teacher and I am not rich
    thanks buddy

  8. Hellmuth is arguably the greatest professional player of all time; but my god, have you seen his tilts?! Funniest poker vids of all time, no doubt

  9. Its funnier to watch him rage haha. And rage about nothing.. Luck is part of poker, even if its still a small portion, sometimes people can be just luckier than PH 😛

  10. I have to manually search for Phil winning to see videos of him not tilted and losing 😂😂

  11. How did he call that pair of 8’s I can not conceivably understand that call in a heads up finale

  12. The call at 4:50 is cold blooded killer type stuff. Something only a legend like Phil could pull off

  13. His 15 wpt titles should be enough… ppl need to stop judging him for the bad luck for the past few years. Truly an amazing player

  14. Here come the comments I make these call all the time, on my phone or during poker night bet most people in here dont even play 2/5 tables at their local casino.

  15. Devil fish predicted like every single thing that happened in the 2nd clip lol

  16. Dont need proof great poker player when hes fully focused. People just take the piss when he loses hands like every body loses hands fs

  17. I would call first hand if i had flush,so it means phil is not amazing player,just lucky ,after daniel…

  18. Phil can’t be called the best tournament player ever, because of how insanely good the new age of players are. He can however be called the most successful tournament player ever, the braclets dont lie

  19. Phil hellmuth is the greatest poker tournament player of all time 15/16 bracelets

  20. On that last hand Devilfish is such a salty prick acting like he’s doing anything but calling there… embarrassing

  21. Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan have that weird blank stare, mouth wide open look about them. Surprised they dont attract flies with their mouth wide open like that.

  22. How can Dwan not call. He had the best unbeatable hand of the game. No combination can make him lose.

  23. Phil has the most wsop cashes and final table appearances all time, including the most braclets of all time. His loses get more attention because of the way he acts.

  24. Phil is definitely an amazing player. He gets beat up in cash games, I guess, but in tournaments, he is one of the best of all time, no doubt about it.

  25. All of these videos: *low volume chit chat, poker banter* ..video ends.. TELL ME PRETTY LIES! VOLUME ENTERS THE CHAT

  26. If some well played hands amounts to proof of that, then Im an amazing poker player as well.

    1. I mean, do you have 15 WSOP bracelets or…? Just because it’s fun to make fun of Phil’s blowups, doesn’t mean he’s not one of the GOATS.

  27. Consider the opponents before you make such a statement. The opponents he faced on this video were all weak and making weak play.

  28. Phil may be a whiny B but man he is very talented you can’t deny it. I respect greatness plain and simple

  29. Another way that you could prove hes amazing at poker would be a video tour of his house.

  30. I love when the commentators are like thats a bad call or why would you fold. Like cmon, youre literally looking at all their cards

    1. @JohnnyAppleseed He wasnt just a bad poker player. But a terribly negative human being too.

    2. @William Fowl true, or at least having a valid opinion. Was an interesting analysis about the Hellmuth Dwan hand tho. Felt that Hellmuth was right to go for value there from an A

    3. Poker pros, like Devilfish, are perfectly capable of visualizing what to do as best poker strategy even while seeing both hands.

  31. That first hand actually doesnt show him in a good light playing good… that was terrible timing and a terrible read by a even more terrible fold/decision by Laak

  32. Phils just a piece of shit bro nobody cares if hes good we want to see him lose because hes a horrible person!

  33. Proof That Phil Hellmuth Is An AMAZING Poker Player!
    Play 1: Flats 52os in a four way pot

    1. He was valued in, plus Im pretty sure he was in the blinds, so already had some money in the pot.

  34. when hellmuth makes one of many insanely bad folds..he had a bad read. when phil makes an insanely great fold. hes the greatest

  35. Devilfish: He should have checked his flush in position on the river…
    STFU fr… RIP tho

  36. Of course he is a great player, no proof needed. Despite the whining which is entertaining but often crosses he line he has survived decades and adapted. Think he is a great player, makes great reads, sets fantastic traps as well. My only real criticism of his play would be if you are going to slow play and trap you have to accept that sometimes you are just going to be unlucky and lose to the deck, he doesnt accept that with the aforementioned whining.

  37. Im glad a video like this exists. Becuase of how funny Phil rage videos are, it makes it look like hes just really bad at poker and couldnt possibly have won 1 bracelet, never mind 15😂

  38. You can’t hang around as long as Phil has in a game like poker if you suck

  39. Last position against Dwan was a bad play. I like Helmuth but he put himself in that position. No reason to raise there, he had one of the worst hands that would call a raise there, and every other calling hand (almost) he would lose to. The only reason to raise in this position like that is if you have the nuts and you want someone to try and bluff you, but he didnt even have close to the nuts.

  40. Tom Dwan Easily could have had 5 6 of clubs in that hand…That is why he is so Dangerous

  41. Proof that Phil Helmuth is an amazing poker player : he got 15 bracelets , end of discussion…

  42. Is there someone who actually think hellmuth is not a poker genius? Of course hes an amazing player, maybe the best ever, its just too funny when he loses. Love Phil BTW

  43. Devilfish is numbnuts there, hes got to have ace 10/pocket 10s cus dwan isnt protecting and other ace kicker

  44. Devil fish was basically spot on its scary from the cards that come on the flop too him saying phil will talk to him. RIP such a great poker mind

  45. Phil’s strategy: Trap for value as a rule, and bluff the same way sometimes against people who know how you play.

    1. Yup. But this comment is too high level it will slip by 99% of people lol

  46. “He has the best hand, he should of popped it” Easy to say when you can see all the whole cards you fkn moron

  47. Although Ive seen Phil Hellmuth make a lot of mistakes I can completely agree that he is an amazing player. All of us have problems, that does not mean a Thing 2 words are journeys. Although Hellmuth meisha weakness at times, is fundamentals are spot-on and his morals and way of thinking are that of a great winners. Phils a g just wish people gave him a break.

  48. Why is quality of the video so low for most of this clips? I set it on 720p and still it is barely watchable..

  49. People always discredit him because of so many losing clips from youtube yet most of those clips where he loses, hes top3 in chip counts. How did that happen? Maybe by winning hands like these. Hes a great poker player. Having said that, I still want to watch hands where rages because he loses. Hahahaha!

  50. Devilfish was as useless in the booth that he was on the table.

  51. That call with the 8s wasn’t that good, I’d have called that on Zynga Poker with 3 high

  52. This is the first video Ive seen where Phil wins and actually doesnt blow up.

  53. It’s not that Phil doesn’t win, it’s just so funny watching him lose

    1. @Jordan Tiburcio oh, thats right.
      Its one of these games where you could lose even if you do everything 100% right.

      Wich is exactly the situations he bursts in as he cant accept bad outcomes.

    2. @_timetravels my comment is not related to skill. I acknowledge that being good at poker means youll win often, but you will always lose sometimes because its a card game. If you lose a game of poker because of the cards that were dealt and you start complaining, then you have annoyed me. Its like rolling dice and when you get a low number you frown

    3. @Jordan Tiburcio the better player will sure be consistent as fuck trought the decades like Phil is.
      How many players are consistent as he is ????

      Hes a god damn genius of the game, may be the greatest of all times.
      But god damn hes hillarious when he loses.

    4. Nah I gotta say sore winners or losers are the same. Its a card game, the better player doesnt always win.

  54. I swear players back in the day focused wayyyy too much on live reads. That first hand is just simply a call there’s no way around it.

  55. actually my favorite poker player lmbo. I mean hes usually right most of the time and its true hes been a great player for decades now….definitely has a winning strategy and is clearly intelligent behind all his crybaby antics

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