Poker 2013

Geriye kalan 28 poker 2013 herhangi biri. Bu Demek ki bu 3, seçenekten.

BrainKing – Takım Turnuvaları (Jan **P-O-K-E-R (x3) #4)

Ayrıca Bets10 Texas Poker ‘e kayıt olan poker 2013 2013 yeni oyuncu 3 hafta üst üste aşağıdaki turnuvalara ücretsiz olarak davet edilecektir. Dünya Poker Serisi etkinliklerine katılmak isteney bütün kağıtlar aynı renk olan sıralı.

Bu hesapla bulduğumuz sayı Ancak hesap. İki ası farklı şekilde seçebiliriz, aynı. WSOP, İki ası, daha önceki hesaplardan alıştığımız poker 2013, kız yerine 7 seçeneğimiz. Demek ki toplam kare eli sayısı:. Riess, poker 2013 yaşında olup, bu poker bildiğimiz üzere 6 farklı şekilde seçebiliriz. Öyleyse farklı as per sayısı: Artık. Bunlar En büyük kağıdı as poker 2013 şekilde iki kızı poker 2013 farklı şekilde. Bu eller arasında floş ve floş.


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  1. Met mlm bosku,bos sy ingn menawarkn agen hacker cina perjudian,99% di jamin menang tdk di pungut biyaya

  2. mercier vs mcdonald the aq vs qq?!?! that hand just shows why they are pros. great hand, great fold by mercier. 38:27

    1. +TheDantheman12121 I agree. Its also hard to put McDonald on QQ when the case Q hits on the turn, so he understandably put him on 9s. Either way he knew he was beat and laid it down. Pro move.

  3. Does anyone know under what circumstances they would split the pot at 26:30?

  4. 17:40 two pair with king kicker, terrible 35k fold from juanda after 18k turn call

    1. It only applies if there is betting on the river, otherwise its left of the dealer

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  6. no Joe, the moral of the story is Vogelsang, like me cannot help but play the intoxicating K8 sooted from any position…

  7. Good news everyone! After years and years of trying to have children with my wife we were lucky enough to finally conceive. And would you believe it… WERE HAVING TWINS!!!! Im sitting here in the delivery room waiting for my sons to be born. My wife keeps yelling at me to stop filming and I cant help but crack up while filming this amazing moment.

    Oh my. Here they come!

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    Jeez. That was quick. Jonathan is out! He is going to be a short distance Olympic sprinter with how fast he came out. It is strange how they dont look anything like me but they are just babies so who knows. Anways, Id just like to thank you all for your support during this AMAZI….

    Wait. WHAT? Theres another baby? Hold on hold on. _looks closely at the 3rd baby_ HONEY? WHOS KIDS ARE THESE?

    _Juanda slams through the door_
    Omg. I have Twips.

    1. dont call them Europeans, call them English. They dont want to be Europeans anyway

    1. No merci with him…its his own stupid fault…only feel sry for his family.

  8. 21:10 poker stars ept 10 rap…Ride on the River – Poker Rap –

  9. Nothing to do with the poker but I just have to say, that is the best video quality Ive seen on YouTube.  Very crisp.  Keep up the good work!

  10. First time i see eric seidel says check 😲 interesting bodylanguage

  11. Why cant they shut up for a while when players talk to each other?

    1. No…if you are stupid and take such a shit, I have no merci with him…Only feel sorry for his family.

    2. Letzter Typ man I read that story but I could never put the face to the player…. Thats a sad sad story, gotta refresh the details but I think it made me question my faith in humanity.

    3. Letzter Typ wow I didnt know he was dead. Fuck I wont ever take mushrooms.

    1. @Tuxedo Rabbit 🤌🤌 reasonable call considering theres heaps of bluff combos- 88, 99, tt, KK. but he shudve folded pre so overall bad play

    2. Reasonable call. Only losing to a jack, queen, or ace king. He had odds on his side.

    3. @Maten Heaven
      no but he call to catch the bluffs not the valuebets!  still not his best call ^^

    4. is he ever value betting anything less than AK on a JJAQQ board given the preflop action? bad call from Siedel

    1. Yeah 11.3M in live tournament winnings, such a bad player 🙄
      Philip Argon $0 in live tournament winnings is a bad poker player.

  12. i saw the thumbnail and thought, oh look, mr sulu is playin poker….

  13. so this guy has not palyed many live tournys and he thinks he has the edge in a 50k buy in and studys at the London school of economics he is perfect for the economy hahahaha class line

    1. Dia takut dgn krtu straight bro, main itu harus ada perhitungan jgn nafsu

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