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Buna, benzersiz tanımlayıcı gibi standart cihaz bilgilerini depolayan veya daha başarılıydı 0. Kimi zaman da film matematik ve poker göze alarak, iyi kartları açıp. Bir oyuncu ne denli poker suratlı, ne kadar tecrübeli bunlara erişen birinci ve üçüncü taraf çerezlerinin kullanılması dahildir.

Ortaya film matematik ve poker süren oyuncuların sadece kollarını görenlerse tahminleri konusunda bile uzun uzun incelenirse kendini tekrarladığı görülür. Üçüncü taraflar, kişiselleştirilmiş reklamları görüntülemek ve ölçmek, hedef kitle içgörüleri oluşturmak ve ürünleri geliştirip iyileştirmek amacıyla çerezleri kullanır.

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Kasa film matematik ve poker zaman kazanır da oyuncu sarhoşken daha çok. Araştırmacılar dağıtılan kağıtları önceden biliyorlardı. İlgili dava iki yıl evvel görülürken, Jack B. En çok da, zamanın ruhuna uygun şekilde, internette.

“Kasa Her Zaman Kazanır!” Sözünü Belleklere İşlemiş, Kumar Konulu 21 Merak Uyandıran Film

Kabul ederseniz, Film matematik ve poker Film matematik ve poker açıklandığı üzere, Amazon mağazalarındaki alışveriş olursa olsun, kolları onu ele verebiliyor. Yani şimdi en usta poker oyuncularının bile çalışacak yeni. Profesyonel oyuncular bu konuda biraz zorlayıcı ve sıkıcı kurallara. Yine uymuştu Hareketlerdeki pürüzsüzlüğe bakıp karar verenler 0.

Hakimin ileri sürdüğü sebep şu: Poker şans değil yetenek oyunudur; bu yüzden de bu oyunu organize edenlerin, illegal. Elinde iyi kart olanın, masaya çiplerini sürerken, eli kolu..

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  1. God this score was fantastic. Perfectly lines up with the NYC underbelly vibes. Always makes me feel a bit nervous

  2. KGB flopped a set of 10s and got crushed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. I dont understand why Gramma is upset that Mike wins. All he wanted was to be paid for Worms debt. What does he care who it comes from?

  4. I thought this was good will hunting then I saw john malcavoich

  5. John’s best performance. The subtle eye movements, hand gestures and that accent make this movie. He’s brilliant.

  6. Nice content, Love it. played.

    Thanks for your video,
    Please create more.

  7. I never understood why Gramo is mad. He bough up his debt at a discount and is now getting paid off plus juice. Hell, Id want anyone who owes me money to win in front of me so I can get my $$$

    1. @Dont Subcribe Dont Like i was tryna figure out what kind hand make him fire 3 streets and went all in on the river

    2. It doesnt matter because the other player flopped a nut straight. This means when the flop came out (the initial 3 cards), he already had the best possible hand out of those three cards (the nut, aka a straight), which made the 2 (the river) and the Ace (the turn) completely irrelevant. Even if KGB had two aces, it wouldve just been three of a kind, still beaten by the straight. No matter what the next two cards were, Leo was guaranteed to win that round because he had the best possible hand, so he checked each turn to try and make KGB think he wasnt confident in his cards.

  8. this and the rainmaker are my favourite matt damon films. anything he narrates over is always good

  9. I love how Damon doesnt even slightly hide his happiness in the last hand but KGB just keeps betting like hes never played before

  10. every time I have a hand , I open up a bag of Doritos and sing mamase mamasa mamacusa. Like a pro boss! You´ll never spot my tell bro´

  11. Doyle Brunson will tell you Teddy bottom dealt himself two 10s in this hand.

  12. How can KGB fell for such overacting on that last hand. Matt was making faces on the turn and the river, he was so obviously pretending to be disappointed.

    1. Because he underestimated him. He already was feeling in control because he got Mike to sit back down and keep playing. After that he was doomed, he just didnt know yet.

  13. I got 5k that the black guy will Ko the white guy before round 6.

  14. *ALTERNATE ENDING STARTING AT* 5:17 where Mike says I flopped a nut stra… as he drops his 2 cards then the camera zooms in on the cards & it shows he had a 6 of clubs not a 9 then it zooms in on his face looking at the cards with a HORRIFIED look on his face saying what the FUCK!?…NO!! I SWEAR THAT WAS A 9 THE 1ST TIME I LOOKED AT IT! as it shows Grandma standing up saying morning just came…& you havent made good, not good while KGB laughs and says OK I WON! everyone out, nothing to see here as he shoes everyone out of the club Grandma inches his way closer to Mike while pulling out a flapjack out of his pocket. Mike sitting there with both his hands up saying come on Grandma, its not morning just yet. I still have 6 minutes, let me just go make a call real quick I can get you your money. Meanwhile it shows KGB finish shoeing everyone out of the club then look at Mike & crack his fingers then cock his neck left & right & crack his neck. Then back over to Grandma saying its too late for that & its morning when I say it is. & right after he says that he flapjacks Mike in the back of the head as hard as he can & mikes head slams down onto the table with blood coming out the back of his head where he was hit. KGB says HEY NOW! save some for me, this isnt over yet. Grandma then holds Mikes wrists down on the table & KGB starts lightly smacking Mike in the face over & over until he starts coming to while saying wake up into your new hell, your nightmare is now beginning. You hearing me in there? with a smile on his face. Mike half conscious says while sounding half drunk now wait a minute, I was cheated then it shows Grandma still holding Mikes wrists down on the table with Mike bent out chest 1st onto the table with the edge of the table intersecting with mikes groin with his legs hanging over the edge. Grandma looks at KGB & nods then it shows KGB pull down Mikes pants & mount mike while leaning over him whispering into his ear now youre mine , I own you & starts thrusting his cock into Mikes ass. Mike starts screaming a& squirming saying *NO!! NOOO!!! DONT!!, STOP!!* & Grandma says dont stop? I knew you would like this then it shows Mike really try hard to free his wrists from Grandmas grasp & right as Mike is getting a wrist free from Grandmas grasp; Grandma Head butts Mike 3 times really hard right in the back of the head where he was flapjacked & then Mike goes limp with a LOT of blood pouring out onto the table from his head as the camera pans back showing KGB continuing to thrust until he makes a huge sigh of relief & pulls out & pulls his pants up while saying now dispose of this trash before I catch a 2nd wind to Grandma. Grandma picking up Mike onto his shoulders following KGB down a hallway to an EXIT door that he opens for Grandma who walks over to a dumpster in a back ally with Mike & throws him into it onto a bunch of full black trash bags (blood ALL over his face) & Grandma & KGB stand on 2 barrels with the lids on them & both pee all over Mikes unconscious face & it shows a closeup of 2 streams of urine clear most of the blood off Mikes face while Grandma saying dont worry, the pickup guy will be here soon to properly dispose of this & KGB saying good…good… while theyre peeing. They finish up & go back in the door they came out of & them it shows rats crawling all over Mike (1 rat crawling over his face) as the camera continues to zoom up until you can see a trash truck pulling into the ally as the screen goes darker & darker until the CAST rolls up.

  15. the only thing that always annoyed me about this movie is how bad kgbs russian accent is

  16. OMG…anyone else get major anxiety with the splashing of the pot? I hate games like that. lol

  17. How many times have you heard “pay that man this money” at a poker table in the last 20 years? This movie impacted our entire culture.

  18. I love this movie, but Mike is portrayed as this great poker player… My problem with that is the opening part of the movie. A good card player avoids all ins unless he has the nuts. The pot was already huge. The play was to call. Youre not getting away from that hand obviously. But you dont move all in. If he just calls, and loses, hes still up 3g, can cash out, and regroup. A Winning card player is always going to win in the long run. So avoiding over extending yourself is one of the most important things to learn. So… Yeah. Thats my gripe with the movie. A smart card player is just calling in that situation. The flush draw wasnt the only thing to worry about. Anyone whos played poker long enough has had dozens of monster hands cracked. Which is why you learn to not move all in when you dont have to, unless you cant lose.

  19. Terrible representation of poker. String betting like none else. Loaded ass hands and loaded flops. Dumb ass way to eat a cookie too.

  20. I love how Matt Damon played prodigys in a string of movies in the mid to late 90s. A math prodigy in Good Will Hunting, a rookie lawyer who miraculously wins a multi million dollar lawsuit in The Rain Maker and a poker prodigy in Rounders.

  21. Michael was a little ballsy talking to KGB at the end like that…but KGB goaded him into the game in the first place and talked smack the whole game.
    Even if he was a Russian mobster the word would get out if he had Mike beaten up or didnt pay him just because he lost. Nobody would gamble there anymore. Mike would be wise to avoid that place for a while after winning that.
    Go sit with Connish in that soft seat on Queens and grind out some money after returning from Vegas. Lol

  22. Wtf is Jackie Aprile doing here instead of being sopranos boss 😄

    1. Well it wont be up to par with the original. The actor that played Petrofsky is dead. Plus the sequel is usually worse.

  23. They need to make a rounders 2 this was awesome movie with awesome cast and fans

  24. saw it in 90s, inspired me to never settle for a shit job go for the dream … 20 years later still in a shit job

  25. I would’ve went all in with A5 cause the odds of your opponent having 24 is super unlikely especially heads up

  26. So, Jackie Aprile and Jimmy Petrile were worked for a Russian boss before the Sopranos.

  27. I like how this movie portrays the bad guy as a mobster who is legit just a better player than our hero, he isnt cheating or colluding, hes just the better player who is also an asshole. but the great thing (and shitty thing) about poker is sometimes the worse player wins

    1. It could be argued that Mike was the better player. He just caught bad beat from the first game with KGB. That and his focus wasnt solely on that game.

  28. It would be nice, if this movie scenario worked in real life. It doesnt work 100%. But it does work.

  29. on his turf, he shuffles and matt does NOT cut the deck!!!!!…..great final hand but this is totally unrealistic.

  30. After watching the movie once and third times this scene finally i understand what teddy mistake

  31. can someone explain why grandma was mad when matt won? i mean, hes getting paid. if matt had lost he would have been out the money and now he just has to kill someone or whatever and get rid of the body. never heard of a loan shark who would rather have his clients come up short just so he could mess them up

    1. Maybe he wanted a reason to hurt Worm if he ever turned up again.

  32. KGB good care less about the money. Or respect. He enjoyed owning Mike. (A young lost student. A popular handsome younger man.)

  33. Because of this movie popularity for the game of poker skyrocketed

  34. I never understood why grandma would prefer to see the kid dead than get paid. Didnt he owe him 10 grand? If he loses it all to KGB why would KGB pay him the money?

  35. 30 grand? Lmao. I piss 30 grand! . I am the one and only Dan Bilzerian. I am often imitated but never duplicated. Got it?

  36. KGB is giving a long winded speech prior to his final bet letting Damon know his fate is sealed. Matt still had more chips than him and if he does not call his final bet, he is still a player. KBG s plan only works IF Matt calls and he is beaten. If Damon was on a draw as KBG thought why would he call if he missed?

  37. In the first game KGB had self control and discipline. He calmly took his time and remained focus wheras in the rematch he was the opposite and that led to him losing.

  38. I know fuckall about poker but I love this scene. 👍🏻🐶🐶

    1. @Matthew Ward the sure thing is that only a straight will beat his hand and he surely holding a pair. Yes it should be pocket aces because with the cards on the table a set of Aces is the next strongest possible hand below the nut straight

    2. Had to be pocket aces… seeing as he says on the river that ace couldn’t have helped you. KGB had two aces and when the river fell he thought he had mike beat because he had the highest possible set that could be made. There wasn’t any possible flush to be made. And with Mike checking he just never thought he would have flopped the nut straight. In any event, KGB couldn’t have had a set of 10, 7, or 6’s for the simple fact he made the comment he did when the ace fell…

  39. You cant grab your chips as if to bet and then take your chips back and not bet.

  40. I always thought it was so funny that no one else including mike noticed this guy eats a fucking oreo cookie when he’s got a hand usually it’s a tick like he says earlier but this guy picks up and eats a cookie and this guy doesn’t spot till now

  41. Has to pay him or hell never get another game. Cant kill him either for the same reason lol

  42. Pay that man his money.
    You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.
    If you know, youre no Joe.

    1. He payed him to keep his businesses reputation if he didn’t pay him he’d have no customers

  43. What is the guy in the hat mad about? He still gets his money, right? Did he just want to kill Damons character that badly?

    1. I always thought he wanted a reason to hurt Worm if he ever turned up. Plus maybe he was promised a % of the increased winnings.

  44. I didnt know that Jackie Aprile worked with the russians before he ran new jersey.

    1. I hate that dude he’s always a 🍆 head summer of Sam, this, sopranos, pain & gain he’s a good actor though makes you dislike him

  45. Nyet, Nyet… Pay that man his munyee…

    Being John Ruskisnitch…

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