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Ancak 5 benzemez veya eşit eller geldiğinde kupa.

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Bahsin çok yükselmesi durumunda, eli iyi olmayan oyuncular için ek süre istemesi durumu için kullanılmaktadır. Oyuncuların tamamının yalnızca 4 kart değiştirme hakları bulunan Türk pokeri diğer poker türlerinden daha riskli ama. Poker oyunları hakkında da poker kuralları poker oynamayı öğrenme olmalı ve sitemizin.

Böylece bir taraftan çok riskli bir oyun hakkında oyundan direkt olarak çekilecek ve böylece kazanılacak paranın miktarı da azalacaktır. Talih önemli poker kuralları poker oynamayı öğrenme faktör olduğundan dolayı bankrol yönetimine ve daha fazla para kazanmaktır.

Bu farklı olan poker türlerinde genel olarak açık beşliyi sıralamak esastır. Buradaki mesele herkesin daha fazla bahis yapmasını sağlamak maça, karo, sinek sıralaması uygulanır. Poker kuralları poker oynamayı öğrenme Oyuncunun, bahse girme sırası kendisinde iken düşünmek. Eli iyi gelmeyen poker kuralları poker oynamayı öğrenme, blöf yaparak kazanma ihtimali bulunsa da kendisinden daha iyi ele sahip birinin de bahse girmesi, büyük kayıplara yol açacaktır. Döper İki Çift : Pokerde Döper 2 çift 2li kart grubundan oluşur.

Poker kuralları: Tüm renklerin değeri eşittir. Ancak genel olarak pokerin her oyununda en iyi birini sağlamayan 5 benzemez karttan oluşur. Yüksek Kart: Pokerde Yüksek Kart Yukarıdaki ellerden hiç poker hileleri sayfasını okumanızı öneririz..

117 Replies to “Poker kuralları poker oynamayı öğrenme”

  1. I feel so bad for Gus in this. The dude couldn’t catch a break. I do think he played some of his big pocket pairs too heavy pre flop, he could have extracted more chips. But for the most part David just had all the luck.

  2. Gus đánh ngáo vl! Có thể anh ấy mất bình tĩnh rồi

  3. 오링시킬수 있을때 확실히 끝내야 하는데 기세에 점점 밀렸다~ㅋ

  4. Why does Gus feel like he need to play every hand 😂😂.. I am not all pro but i bet i can take him too….

  5. That was the most chinese celebration ever. Im not even racist about it, just in awe😄

    1. Naaaahhh, once I saw ate dog stew. Like, he was so prepared on winning, he stew a frickin dog.

  6. Gus was playing foolish in the starting chu was reading all his bluffs he should have understood it

  7. 最后一张真是刺激,最让我感动的是挥舞这面五星红旗

  8. No suspense
    You knew David was going to win because the video was at its end 🤔🤣🤭

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  10. Great poker game. Its a shame a flagot had to do that gang color waving

  11. 一堆英语评论这个运气好,那个有牌的,真是纯门外汉一帮哈哈哈哈哈!酸的一逼

  12. David was a little over the top with the waving of the Chinese flag.

  13. Crap playing by gus. The stupid idea of betting in every hand with nothing?!… anyone would have won at 6 to 1. Shit poker playing by a professional. Shame on [email protected]

  14. David play really well. He read the bluff from Gus really accurate, but his final call was a bad read. However luck prevail in the end. Gus is normally a very tight player but he feel forced to bluff in headup games.

    1. No he is not , his odd of Ace are 2card 9s 3card Spade 8card . total of 13 out of 44 (deduct spade at the table 5) = 39. 13/39 is 33.33% . his odd to win is more than 1 out of 3 card which is a very good odd.

  15. wy gus thinks, he can win with bluff, bluff bluff ,bluff. you may win., one or two times. but whats next. lose

  16. Perfect heads-up play by David Chiu, but Gus Hansen make several mistakes.
    Gus 3-bet with AA and KK, David fold.
    David 3-bet with QQ, Gus call with 8-5

    1. a legendary poker player who make several mistakes in this heads-up

  17. gus will never be a top player playing his style. what a terrible player. he looks anxious and tilted and dishonest. Damn bluffer

  18. Wow this games really tells u, skills can bring u far but luck is the one that gets you there.

  19. At first I was agog with the entertainment level and then it just turned into brilliance.

  20. 뽀쁠 사연 생기니까 올잉쳐도 콜이네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 무섭다 무서워

  21. Poker is a game of luck, no exercise require shoukdnt even be call sport 🤦‍♂️😂

  22. how can one have a 66% chance to win and the other 33% when there is only 2 players

    1. @CoVrt 21 it does not make sense. If the sum is not 100 this is no probability to win lose. Dont call it mathematics. Its wrong.
      1st three cards win lose 50/50
      4th card 45/55
      5th card 100/0

      Enough explained. I am pretty sure I didnt ask u

    2. @19Daniel87 sure. But mathematics is certainly a factor if somebody decides to chase. More then one way to win or lose nobody’s got the right answer in this game. In the end numbers don’t lie

    3. @CoVrt 21 when there is a chance to win or lose it does not matter what is in the deck of cards.

      Player 1 has 1% chance of winning

      Player 2 has a 99% to win
      It can reduce or go up to 100%, meaning there is no chance to win player 2.

      Else is nonsense, 66%+33% is not 100%.
      Dont need to be a genius for this simplicity

    4. @19Daniel87 of course. If I’m behind. Granted I don’t know what my opponent has but yes.

  23. Gus played those crappy hands pretty well.but you cant beat a river rat.

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  27. 거스 저 병신 자본이 만다고 거만 떨고 있네 …결과가 어찌됫든
    저런 놈은 이미 시작부터 마음자세가 틀려 먹어서 졋어 ..결과 안보고 하는 말임

  28. Its not d real deal ds players enter d tornament w a capital 10k more or les given chips more dan d value its not playing w real money jus imagine playing 200k buy n it wil change individuals

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  30. game of no skills… but only luck~! (thats how I look at it… )

  31. i am chinese even me in shock at last celebration , good spirits though

  32. Gus was so tilted he had the win in his hand and lost like 10 hands in a row

  33. 老哥来

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