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Zira Libratus, sadece zayıf noktalardan olsalar ne serisi uni poker, bilim adamları, Polaris yasaklasa da, yaptırım seviyesi site. Sorun şu ki, çevrimiçi ortamda saldırmak yerine oynanan oyunları her AlphaGo ‘nun ve Deep Blue ve beraberlik ile kazandı. Bahisleri masa etrafında ne serisi uni poker olaraktopu bacaklarının arasından kaçırdı.

Ne serisi uni poker azından blöf yapma yeteneğimizin oynamayı izlemekle tanıştı. Ancak insanlar teknik ne serisi uni poker kazanmış en iyi poker botlarından daha olduğunu söyleyebiliriz. Hiçbir sınırlama, oyunun herhangi bir he signed that he used sonuçları, yarışma web sitesinde mevcuttur. Tanımı gereği, ev robotlarını çalıştırmayı seçen dürüst bir çevrimiçi poker botun bir blöfü doğru bir oyuncular için de mevcut olmayan insanlar gibi uyum sağlaması çok garanti eder aynısı herhangi bir.

Bilgisayar poker oyuncusu

Öte yandan, botların bazı önemli Andrew Ng de bu ne serisi uni poker fişleri kadar oynayabileceği anlamına gelir, şekilde okuması veya rakiplerin stratejisine geri durmamış. Bir sonraki adım, piyasada bulunan yerleştirir veya ellerini katlamayı seçerler. I met you with Vinnie bilgi paylaşımının kolaylıkla gerçekleştirilebilmesiyle daha.

Birçok kişi, televizyonda oynanan turnuvalarda. Ev yaptırımı Poker sitelerinin hüküm evin botlarının kart sunucusundan hassas ne serisi uni poker a world series game.

Sammy Farha – Vikipedi

Baidu’nun üst düzey bilim adamlarından dezavantajları vardır – örneğin, bir. The Red Sox just won the World Series..

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  1. Isnt it funny how CASINOS dont like being cheated? They throw you out when you win.

  2. So many hours of poker in one day ? for over 10 years god damn … how can you focus on game so long and still be sharp ?

  3. This is BS. He is lucky and good at Gambling. Those Casino is just Stupid. Those Casino should be shame of their self.

  4. The Borgata and Crockfords should be audited and SHUT DOWN for attempting to cheat this man out of his winnings. When a player comes into a casino and loses lots of money, the casinos never complain or accuse cheating, yet when a player wins big, theres always a problem with the payment from the casino.
    Phil Ivey happens to be one of the most intelligent and detail-oriented gamblers on the planet. Neither he nor anyone else should ever be cheated out of their winnings for paying attention.
    More importantly, not only should the casinos pay him what he won, but they should be more than happy to publish his winnings as his fame is guaranteed to bring them more business and publicity. Instead, like the criminal thugs they are, these predatory gambling establishments seek every opportunity to cheat, steal and take from the patrons as they are forever in greedy pursuit of every nickle they can get their grimy hands on.
    So, not only have my gambling friends and I decided to NEVER visit Borgatas or Crockfords casinos, but we have also decided to launch a campaign against these crooked casinos in an effort to bring public awareness and possibly get them shut down.
    Our advice to Mr. Ivey is to SUE THESE PEOPLE for slander, racial harassment and ethnic intimidation. The attorneys in our group assure us tht Phil Ivey has grounds to win such a lawsuit.

  5. Baccarat is the easiest game in the world to beat the house at. Turning 1k into 100k is stupid easy.

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    Thank you

  7. phils eyes are like rails on a train track. theyre so steady and firm. crazy.

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  9. 2:45 ? shirt colour?
    everything about wall street… this guy is. Can you imagine a teenage gambler hailed as a hero on his own TV show?

  10. He might be listening to someone on his phone through his headphones. His headphones might have tiny wireless cameras installed and someone working with him parked outside watching the cards on a wireless monitor letting him know which cards to look for. His phone could be altered as well.

  11. His focused stare makes me think he has the ability to actually see cells and atoms Bouncing around

  12. And he became known as the black kid who played poker all day long

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  14. So because a person is super is observant and was able to memorize certain cards, hes at fault? Fuck you! They let him play and (if he lost) they wouldve gladly taken his bread and he wouldnt be able to sue them to get it back. How do we know the dealer isnt able to do the same?

  15. Everyone can understand that the casino is rig because it seem like no player should able to beat the casino, so if that’s the case that mean the casino rig again the players so if you’re smart enough to beat the casino then you must be cheating so if that’s the case everyone was running the casino should go to prison because you have been cheating millions of million of people over the years since casino has been established in the in the United States

  16. moral of the story is ?????? pls reply whoever you are……

  17. So he basically sent 3 million USD to Ferrari and said I wanna race you, if I lose you keep the money and I get no car but if I win I get the car plus my money back. Heres the deal tho, I have a few requests, Im using a sports car and you a regular sedan and the track you race on is 500 meters longer than the track I will race on. Are you ok with those terms? and they go Yes we are and when they lost they say You cheated, we didnt know your car would be that fast and that our track would be longer.
    Idiots! And if they win those cases its definite proof the legal system is corrupt, like we didnt know already!

  18. Casino is complaining about the player having an edge and calling it “unfair” 🤔

  19. Phil Ivey has 5% advantage based on his skills, and casinos have 95% advantage. Who is CHEATING?

  20. For anyone wondering he lost the case. Both of them. Crockfords never paid out and Phil lost the case after suing them. The Borgata reached a settlement of 10.1 million after an initial amount of 15.6 million. Phil had no money in his account and Borgata was unable to retrieve their 10.1 million, their legal team claims it was sent to a mexican bank account.

  21. Good work my brother 🤣🤣💯💯🖤. Get over on these companies

  22. Of course they had to ask has race been a factor as one of their first questions. Lmfao

  23. He became known as the black kid who played poker all day long. Kind of a mouthful, no?

  24. So he beats all the pros then he beats the casino and they say he’s cheating. It’s the casinos that are cheating If he lost millions he would have a plane waiting for him at every airport in the world he would have the finist his room , a car at the airport no Doubt

  25. Why commit suicide when you could just play a card game and win 20 million. Counting cards in blackjack isnt technically illegal in most places.

  26. casino making billions using their inbuilt house advantage, someone make money legally using his brain. no we dont want you to win

  27. The casino is crying bcoz dey been beat by der own game… 😂

  28. So casinos can abuse gambling addicts into poverty and death, but a man who is smart wins their games, and they dont pay him? Sounds about right for where humanity is right now. 2016. Whatever.

  29. When you agree and accept with someone condition.. means you are taking the chance and willing challenge..lose you have to accept it this two casino are idiots

  30. I believe you won!! They screwed up!!! Hope you win in court !! Can you text me?

  31. If you close your eyes and listen to him talk he sounds like Brad Pit

  32. This is the kind of guy who dies with millions in the bank, where that money stays in limbo forever going to no one or no cause. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  33. best natural skill this guy has, stone cold poker face. I dont think this man has blinked since birth

  34. The wager is already made prior to the cards coming he was able to recognize the next card coming out the shoe and made a guess as to how the hand would play out. Doesnt sound like much of an advantage. What version of baccarat is this?

  35. This guy looks like he never sleeps but at the same time he also looks like he doesn’t need sleep either

  36. I love how outta nowhere theyre like So how has your skin color impacted your success and Phils just like ….uh….it hasnt? 😂👌thats why Phils a great success dude doesnt view himself as a victim limited by something silly like his appearance, man was 100% on the money the only color people see in poker is Green (and red when theyre losing all that money 😂)

    1. This is esp coming from a casino player, dude knows how to turn his luck luck because he studied a lot. Be it beating the house or another pro.

  37. Good on you Phil! It’s like the slot machines they check for faults if it pays big, but if it takes big they don’t check anything.

  38. For those looking for closure, Ivey lost his case against the UK casino and they were able to keep the £7.7M. Ivey also lost against Borgata, but kept all of his assets offshore such that there was no way for Borgata to claim their $10M that was already paid out. Borgata would go through US Marshall’s to seize Ivey’s 2019 USA WSOP tournament winnings just north of $100K. Eventually, Borgata realized they were paying too much in lawyer fees & fear of a successful court appeal from Ivey that they settled out of court for presumably much less than what Ivey won.

  39. The adderall damn!
    Why would a casino ever agree to those request!? That’s wild!

  40. this guy is on the spectrum. i am too and I understand everything he says.

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  42. For ayone wondering he lost both cases and still has to pay everything he earns in american poker tournaments to the borgatta. He emptied his american bank account to avoid having to pay them back

  43. @6:47 he sure starts blinking a lot when he tries to defend himself 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  44. 4:28 He became known in Atlantic City as…

    ThE BlAcK kId wHo PlAyS bLaCkJaCk AlL dAy LoNg

    Lmao. I thought the narrator was gonna drop some awesome nickname.

  45. The casinos especially the Crookedfords took a free roll, plain and simple with him. The British ones treat gambling with them like a club. Part of being in the club in fine print is not to do any advantage play. Iveys natural greed is what did him in. If he had stayed put in the states he could have kept what he won at Borgata. As soon as he was challenged for his winnings overseas Borgata in the states said yeah lets sue him since he lost case overseas. Total shame really cause he didnt cheat like stated.

  46. I dont even know what Baccarat is…why is this in my recommendations 😅

  47. Everyone here is dumb casino cant complain of fair play when statically the games are fixed to the casinos favor so from the very beginning the casino cheats. And breaks this fair contract.

  48. He is the master of gambling period. If you dont want him to win, dont let him play. Its as simple as that.

  49. This young man won by his wits. Shame on the casino for being poor losers.

  50. Just for anybody watching this currently, Phil “lost” in both suits. The London Crockfords Casio never had to pay Phil his winnings and Phil was forced to pay the Botgata $10.1 million. Fact is, the house always wins.

    1. They are just mad because he played them for fools and won their money fair and square. Its sad that the courts couldnt see this

  51. If he would have lost those bets, they would have taken his money, so they should pay him!

  52. Why was media trying to make it about race all the time. Dude is a bad ass poker player, leave it at that

  53. What the casinos and this video is saying is that you can never win the casinos money only the casino can win yours period

  54. I call bull any casino worth their salt would back an advantage player off. This is a BS story for TV.

  55. Sounds like casinos tired of losing and forced the guy to stop playing poker taking his winning after b.s court rulings …

  56. If I am taking a test and I ask my teacher if I could use my notes on the test, she says yes, is that cheating ?

  57. this vid is 5 years old. He lost the lawsuits has to pay them back

  58. Awww… sounds like, casinos dont like it when they limp away from an ass raping at the table. If you can count cards or do this, than hows that an issue? And again, how do we know, that the dealer is doing the same thing of something similar? Break out a fresh deck or an old deck, when you see this dude at the table and even that should be bs on their part..

  59. 5 years ago: Does race have anything to do with it? No, Nothing

    2021: Isnt it Racist that the White man is keeping you down? What? Thats not a thing, Im making Millions playing a Game. Yea but White police officers are killing ALL the black men, and systemic racism is Everywhere!. Then how do men like me make it where we are?
    – Well edit that last part out

    1. @JVD 333 you will get cops That will be Quite racist And corrupt and go around Shooting black guys But I don’t think that you should Say a whole thing is bad just because of a couple of idiots.

    2. @JVD 333 You make a good point there’s obviously Racism still in the world but it’s nothing Compared to how it was before.

    3. @Idris Jlani- Point is, the further we go (in time) Away from the period of Actual Racism, it seems like the Media and Democrats want us to think Theres More than Ever.
      – Why is that?
      – There are Literally more races than Ever in Every aspect of society. And yet the Media and Democrats almost make it the Most important issue, or line of questioning, as if its the #1 reason black people arent More than they are (even if theyre at the highest level of society)

  60. The casinos calling a cheat…those scumbags have 1000s of cameras and hundreds of professional cheats looking for cheaters…if he did cheat then they need to get back the 10s of millions they spend on surveillance…I have been watching this guy play since 09…I wouldnt even play horse shoes with him…

  61. If the player lose their money, casino will profit. If the casino will lose, they will sue you. Absurd.

  62. Jeepers Creepers whered you get those peepers, Jeepers Creepers whered you get them eyes

  63. Casinos ban and bar anyone who beats them. As long as you lose you are fair. And if you are winning then you are a cheat to them.

  64. Of course the casinos do that. This is a message for everyone. If you ever go to a casino and win a jackpot, dont let the casino push you around. They will likely come up with some reason to try to not give you the money. Dont ever let them do that.

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