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134 Replies to “12 poker oyunu”

  1. This was such a great series I wonder why they dont still do these things?

  2. Why does the idiot announcer always say someone is DOMINATED before the fucking flop? Just because someone is leading preFLOP, doesnt mean shit. I want to punch him everytime he says Dominated.

  3. awful laydown by the loose cannon with the second nut flush draw on the flop at 19:10.

    1. @Robert Ferdinand could be drawing dead? do you not know how unlikely that is you must think every time there’s 3 of a suit on the board someone has the flush lmao

    2. Ryan Gardner…. it’s always a good lay down to a flush draw when the board is already paired . Could be drawing dead . lol

  4. Phil is such a fish, dude literally thinks hes so good then plays trash hands, hits mid pair, and complains when someone hits an over on him

    1. Obviously hes not a bad poker player but in this cash game, id stack him as the loose cannon

  5. The dealer jumping around this table … I am getting motion sickness watching

  6. Wish Vanessa hit a Q and stayed a little longer…by far one of the prettiest poker pros ever!

  7. phils ego destroying him.he plays bad,and not thinking..at all,sometimes

  8. 11:02 this cannon is full of shit. I wasnt calling your river bet after he couldnt figure out that phil had a queen when he was tanking. Nice try there bud. Phil knew he was full of it right away too hes a pro.

  9. Watch this just to see Phil outplayed. He plays old style which loses to young internet people.

    1. No doubt his game never evolved with the times ….he still plays like he did in the 90s early 2000s

  10. I love how they pretend we believe they are playing different nights even though they wear the same clothes… just say last time on the big game

    1. @Belladonna Punk Fartz Thats amazing. Did you write all that yourself or did mom help?

  11. Loose Cannon says Phil Im not calling your bet on the river if I dont hit the ace in other words he knew he was drawing to 2 outs, but called 2 pot sized bets. Great play! lol

    1. Ty I appreciate that very much . Not much poker since this Covid virus ugh.

    2. @Robert Ferdinand You seemed like such a nice and respectful player especially compared to some of the other lcs and even professionals. I know this happened years ago but Im rooting for you.

    3. Matthew Kulp hi this is the loose cannon . If the ACE doesn’t come I had to re-evaluate what he was going to do at the river . AJ is a big hand 6 handed .

    4. He thought phil was bluffing and wouldnt have the guts to bluff the river

    1. This dude almost always tilt at every beat-down. If Tony G is at the table he tilts quicker than a GP bike at a hairpin turn.

    2. Hellmuth brings out the best in his opponents and the worst in himself.

      Perfect TV poker.

    3. Idk why you guys hate Phil so much. Hes a very generous man. He donated over 300k to his fellow players.

  12. 11:09 dont worry phils not giving up on potentially 4 more nights of air time 😂😂

  13. Lmao Phil always gets fucked over by the deck, the fact that he has 15 WSOP bracelets is impressive asf.

  14. Why would Phil call when the Ace hits the river? If youre the best you know when youre beat. Im a fan of him for sure but I think these shows are scripted.

  15. Phil is the worst guy ever… what a bad looser! i can smell his puzzy

  16. 29:00 Phil has A9 offsuit this hand. He plays it so unbelievably bad I dont know what to say.

  17. Why so many LC at this table 😅😅 at least bring negreanu or Tony g if is Phil there too

  18. My god, Vanessa was awful. One of the stupidest bluffs I’ve ever seen on the 77K board, cold calling 3!s oop w/ KJo, and not bluffing when she probably should on the 234J5…

  19. Elky is the best. He just seems to always have a good idea if he is beat or not.

  20. These poker players have a big responsibility with their PR image. Helmuth wins by miles. Ace guy.

  21. All of the shit Hellmuth talks is TOTALLY UNFOUNDED!!! He has the audacity to play j6 vs Elkys AQ for $2200 preflop, which he would absolutely crucify someone else for playing by the way. Then he flops a 6 & checks the flop allowing the queen to come off for Elky & THEN decided to bet when hes beat which Elky calls, finally he calls Elkys bet on the river & gets Mad that Elky has him beat with a far superior hand… Shortly after he rivers the LC with a WORSE hand than the LC rivered him with earlier & cant stop grinning about it, hes such a self-contradicting fuckin baby! Decent but Definitely NOT the best player in the world like he thinks he is & SO ANNOYING ta boot!!!

  22. Loose cannon is the most misleading word ever. Should be more like supertight cannon for most of them.

  23. Even though Hellmuth IS a whiner, its also true that he really DOES get some of the most ridiculous bad beats ever. Im not sure its paranoia if the cards really ARE out to get you! 🤣

  24. Okay but the cannon was full of it when he said he wasnt calling the river on the AJ hand if the ace didnt come on the river.

  25. Im not sure I could ever grow to hate Helmuth more… but the way he talks to a freaking amateur after he got in with a freaking Q6…. just the ultimate douche bag Hes the absolute worst ever

    1. and now…. I have to update again….. Last hand Phil woulda doubled up the cannon again when he thought he was good…. just awful!

    2. wait…. that was before i saw the hand where Phil pushes all the way with a fucking 9 against AK Phil H…. YOU ARE A FUCKING SCURGE ON POKER! GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  26. everything screams to hellmuth that loose cannon has an ace and if not hes chopping at best and he calls anyway
    what an ego

  27. Sometimes i wonder if Phil wasn’t staked to play these games, make terrible calls and then complain nonstop

  28. Nice to run good in this game. The amateur ran hotter than the sun

  29. hi folks, am kinda new to this so anyone can tell me how to qualify for big bang game?

    1. @Ethan Madigan but still would be nice to know you nice enough to share the info

    1. Same. Hes a good guy. And his hair makes me feel better about being bald. Lol

  30. Mosseri hows the hair plugs working ? Quit being a smartass ! Im sure your broke by now.

  31. Its fun watching vanessa try and play poker when she isnt catching

  32. If someone chased second pair against Phil and rivered a set he would break the table in half….

  33. I feel like they asked Phil to call the loose cannon to make it more interesting and help out

    1. When he called David Fishmans all in to double him up, it was worse! But I get the idea …

  34. This cannon aint afraid to gamble,this guy knows how to poker with the poker pros

  35. The one australia similarly offend because illegal anatomically man as a zesty radish. quizzical, polite oboe

  36. Am I the only one watching every episode fast-forwarding and seeking, just to see every hand Hellmuth lose ?

    1. Im not fastforwarding but I do savor the moment when he loses lmfao 💀 🤣

  37. My God this loose cannon is so lucky, I think he hit more hands in this episode than I normally hit in a dozen games.

  38. 20:42 no you were getting the exact odds you needed to make that call

  39. I was really hoping the cannon would check that river against Phil. What a fucking hand that was

  40. Why do people only look at their cards when it’s their turn? If it’s to avoid giving a read, wouldn’t it be smarter to look at your cards when no one is looking at you?

  41. whoever is excited about the chance of Daniel/Tony G to fill Venessa Seat.
    Ill save you the disappointment.
    They got a hardly known young internet player

  42. 11:09 Theres a little piece of spit dangling from Phils mouth. Then as he exhales his next complaint, the piece goes flying off screen.
    This pointless observation has been brought to you by: around 600mg of edibles. 😳

  43. I love the commentary of this show. Just always adding good insight into each players mentality and playstyle while popping jokes at the best times.

  44. The first cannon I can appreciate and plays decent (except the QJs flush draw fold).

    1. @Anothersolo agreed. Just Unfortunate for him that the flush came.

    2. A bet, then a raise on a paired board with the original better still to act. I dont think its a bad fold.

  45. Vanessa rousa mmm damn she looks sexy with that whip and with Amanda leatherman

  46. I feel like this loose cannon at some point would say lets take a ride, Sunny and hell let you sit on the passanger front seat.

  47. phil helmuth J6 vs. Elky AQ I would say is the absolute WORST poker play I have EVER seen in my life from a PRO!!! Just analyze how brutal Phil played that!!

  48. $1.5 in tournament winning but $3 million in buy ins 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. The odds that Phil will get beat on a hand he should have statistically won is at 99.999% Its Un-Gawdly how he loses to probability. Right now Phil Hellmuth is the only sure bet in poker.

  50. Hellmuth is a p o s, he didn’t say a word after sucking out on the cannon, if it were reversed he’d be crying like the baby b!tzzch he is

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