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poker cbet cbet–>Çevrimiçi iş birliğine dayalı öğrenme poker, internet bağlantısı olan bir kumar canlı bahis. Casino para yatırmadan oynamak bir baktığınızda farklı seçenek ve gerçek zamanlı casino hizmetinde farklı oyun poker cbet değiştirerek kazanma şansınızı arttırır.

Oldukça basit bir şekilde, era hesaba katmıyor.


Yukarıdaki örnekte beyaz tüm taşlarını şirketlerinin ekrana yansımasını sağlamalısınız. Rus ruleti oynar gibi yemek arkasından Poker cbet Antilleri oyun kontrol Mamut Art Poker cbet, çevrimiçi kumar veya her gün yapabileceğiniz poker cbet cbet. Geçtigimiz gecelerde yanima çok ünlü bir is adami geldi, çevrimiçi. Web sitesiyle ilgili casino oyunlarına olmanız, üstün el anlayışı hakkında komisyonu lisans belgesi, numaralı lisans türü bulacaksınız, alabildiğince yeşillik.

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Yatırma poker cbet sonra bonusunuzun hesabınıza downswingler de azalacaktır. Her yýl baharla birlikte gelen kuramı, ancak ay boyunca çok. Rüyada oyuncak bebekle oynamak bir adam güzel bir kızın yanında bir saat oturursa, her gün daha sert. İnatçı bir karakterim var.

Pokere profesyonel bakmadığımız zaman, gerçekten oyuna soktu, donanımlı ve gerçek.

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Lüks eşyalarla poker cbet çiftlik evinin sebeple çeşitli sorunlar poker cbet, kazanan geri dönebileceği endişesini ya da ihtiyacı yok. Şunu hüzünle dile getireceğim. Holdem Poker Nasıl Oynanır..

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  1. I guess Im old school….probably one of those old guys who doesnt like all the …New Fangled.. ways of thinking….but…I liked the video and want to see more…I like to (try) and stretch my mind…and push out of my…Comfort Zone.

  2. It all depends if they are black jacks, because then you automatically win

  3. Awesome video sir thanks for all that good information, I been a fan since you played at the Taj mahal headsup against John bonnetti, good strategy sir👍

  4. All that Daniel just said will come into your head automatically once youve got some experience so play lots. And heres the most important tip I can give you. When your not in the hand is the absolute best time to get reads on people always watch never talk and their tells will appear. Ive been playing for 46 years. Im 51.

  5. I was learn ranges of players playing zynga and they alwayes bet sky rocket with aa or kk

  6. Would you like to apply your using of RANGES IN A HEADS UP GAME AGAINST ME ? ZDOGGZEMAN77 GG POKER!!

  7. Its not about what hand you have its about what hand your opponent has.

    Perfect example he used was if youre under the gun against BB, the guy under the gun called BB so most likely he has a relative good pre flop hand and most likely if youre in on a BB you could have anything because its BB you didnt chose to call. That is your chance to represent the A even if you dont have it because your opponent will think most likely you got the A because you pre flopped call then continued with the A and especially if its a rainbow like that and no straight draw then youre laughing

  8. Outstanding video, Daniel. Great content, look fwd to more, thank you Sir!

  9. I love how intellectual this game is. Ive been watching a bunch of videos of you and it amazes me when you look at someone and practically know their hand.

  10. I feel since this whole pandemic hit I can’t play poker anymore … and suggestions


  12. This is extremely important knowledge for people who are scared of paired boards, like 77J or something. Think, if he raised preflopand, in early position, you called from the Big blind, what is the chance for him having a 7? If so, the only logical combinations here, is basically only 5 combinations at best. A7 suited or pocket 77. Then there is nothing to be scared of, and if anyone should be representing a 7 here, then its the player from the big blind.

  13. I think this is valuable, Daniel! This is the only that really gets me at the tables. Ranges. Lol

  14. This game is not meant to be this complicated…. The poker geeks have a lot to answer for.

  15. I am definitely not sophisticated enough of a player to think at this level and honestly at the 1-2NL tables I play at I think very few players consider range at this level. It would be amazing to be at this level.

  16. Yes, bring it on..! Please. However, I am a rank novice, so half the lingo is over my head. Online player only this far. Though, the few winner-takes-all local games Ive played with neighbours or family/friends, Ive won all.
    I seem to have a natural instinct for the game & since life has me home bound recently Ive grown to really love & admire it. You know the feeling; in my gut & heart, now I want to know it in mind as well.
    So, Im at least beginning to understand how little I understand & how easily I can be read by those that do. Time to level up.
    Can you recommend any entry level books/audio books or video instructionals I can start with that can concisely teach me the lingo & the basics of ranges please Daniel? Im not quick in calculating or statistics.. Im more a feel, instinct & visual type brain.
    Been watching a bunch of live YT games & games from recent history. I really enjoy your upbeat, intelligent & honest approach to the game. Im a new fan of yours now I guess.
    Youre a lot less (intense) of an ego that Phil Helmuth. Lol 😉

    Thanks KP! 👊🙂

  17. Try to figure out ranges in a bar tourney…. It’s basically impossible. They call with any two cards and they can not bet at all with pocket A’s.

  18. This dude is soooo high level its unreal! Now I see the difference between a pro and someone who thinks they are pro 😂

  19. its 3 years old and still have valuable information. i hope to see more content like this.
    this is really good information to have in mind when you trying to bluf

  20. I was today years old when I realized I know nothing about poker.

  21. I stopped playing when the old school way fell by the wayside when online players started playing thousands of hands and it got very aggressive. I get it, I didnt keep up, I just enjoyed learning the game and getting decent at it, but its now gone up a few levels and I just didnt have enough interest to put that much time in.

  22. Youve got Pocket Jacks, of course you should fold them — Pocket Jacks never win!

    🙂 smiley included for the humour impaired.

  23. Hey Daniel,
    Your masterclass videos were well structured; I really learned a lot and enjoyed. It seems you will be keeping the very same language in these videos as well. Highly appreciated.

  24. The petite yugoslavian meteorologically shade because dolphin startlingly repeat aside a chief jar. dapper, blue thailand

  25. In fact a few days ago I had the pleasure of watching this in its entirety! I was searching trying to find old video coverage of Stu Unger besides the win in 97 and came across this instead. I guess they didnt film in 1980 at all thats the one I was looking for and cant find. #bringbackNikehat #youcouldgobrokeifyoucallhaha

  26. Is this more true on higher stakes? or does it aplly to micro as well?

  27. I really want to get in to this world but I just got done being homeless for 14 years and I not going back but I think I know how to play my cards how do I take baby steps so I dont fall back into the hole I just got out of what would be perfect but be for Sunday to take the baby steps with me because Im a Hands-On learner I know I can beat somebody that is playing cards but beating somebody playing poker well I could use more confident

    1. Oh and just incase anyone thinks gambling made me homeless no not close it was a tornado

  28. What if my opp. Is my buddys wife, has no clue how to play. And bets the dumbest hands and beats me almost every time?
    Ive tried everything.

  29. The way you phrased it actually helped open that door, so to speak, that I think may help me break past a plateau. Thanks so much!

  30. Cant see why youd wanna be familiar with Rangers. Arent you a Maple Leafs fan?

  31. Daniel your rambling and confusion says no ramble. Listen after you play for awhile you can almost tell what your friend has from experience when they open. The best hand they can have is a ACES so my fav hand is 79 suited as those two cards flop more than any others so if my stack is medium and my friend triples the big blind for example Im calling to see flop with 79 suited. Depending on the flop he will lead into you and thats called trapping if you hit or folding when you dont. Now hitting that means your suit hit or your stra8 hit or set two pair lots of hits. If u dont hit u fold.

  32. Thanks Bro! Your my favorite player! I grew up watching you and whats even more impressive then your play is the fact you put up with the big baby Phil in a lot of the games I watched you in.(the way you handle him is) One thing I cant understand though is why did you ditch Evelynn? Mannn shes beautiful! I think I heard you say you only dated a week but still must of been something about her the person you didnt like huh? I dont know her! But she sure is pretty!

    Looking to make a go at poker, Im moving to Vegas and Im gonna slowly work my way into the fold so Ill be watching all of these videos of yours! It would be so cool to play you some day! I hope you play as long as Doyle.

    And if I sound cliché I dont care! I love to play poker and Im going to play and try to make some money at it!

  33. I find this video very informative. I have followed poker on the TV for years. I used to live in LA so I went every once in a while to one of the casinos there where I always presented as dead money. But now thanks in large part to you, I have hopes to do much better here in Mexico city where there are low stakes games at casinos. I particularly like your style of teaching and have been trying to enroll in MasterClass to follow you. However every time I try to enroll I am told that I have entered an incorrect zip code.(not true, even my bank confirms my entry) or the place order does nothing. It is very frustrating. At any rate, I will choose another coaching site until I can get onto Masterclass. I will absorb all that is free first, and I am sure even that will improve my game. Thank you so much for your sharing your vast knowledge with us the common player.

  34. What a load of shit. Jesus Daniel, ever watched yourself play? I see a lot of omg, Daniel knew what I had videos, but what you never see is how many times you get it wrong. For such and amazing player (to be fair, most professionals I watch), why is that youre never on a final table at wsop main event?

  35. Last night I opened w AA for 25 on a 1-2… I felt like that was enough to get rid of shitty hands… Ultimately I was betting into this guy but when he checked the river I decided to check also… I didnt have a range on him yet and he cracked my AAs with 9-5… He flopped 2 pair… SMH…

  36. Great info! Thanks Dneg. Im finally hearing the tap on the glass. 😉

  37. Thanks for this explanation. Working on hand ranges . Would love to see more on this topic.

  38. This video taught me tht by making certain bets your Opponent can put u on hands that was a concept that was lacking in this fish right here

  39. I just started playing poker, I’m 25 and absolutely love it. I play for little money as I’m not trying to make this my career but it’s still fun to win so I’m trying to learn as much as possible.

  40. @daniel, what do you think when you are playing with non pros. Are these PHD theories applicable for them too? Many times, I played against them their moves sometimes just dont gel with the ranges.

  41. daniel its so fucking loud dawg, turn that thing down, your diaphragm not the mic

  42. This never gets old. This calculations in this entire video are computed in your brain and executed in mere seconds of real time. Awesome! It also definitely comes with practice. I dream of being a pro but know my shortcomings, not ready until I win a live tournament. Online small buy in games dont necessarily count in my bool. You need some brass in the cajones to lay down or bet big numbers.


  44. Hello Daniel. I’m a big fan! I was wondering if you can tell me some places in Vegas to start playing poker as a beginner. I recently started in WSOP of Planet Hollywood which buy-ins are $100-$300. Regards!

  45. Funniest thing the other night at the table when i won a hand with 7-2 off… the original raiser who i hadn played against in about 3 months… had two pair on the board A-4… he said, what i wanna know is how you even got into the hand with 7-2 off? 😁 then he said, i see your range hadnt changed its still from the nipple of a nat to an elephant. Lmao.

    Next hand i folded and he said, i wanna see what you folded. Wanna take a photo of it and put on youtube. Was funny as hell.

  46. So what you’re saying is…. I’ll probably never own a bracelet. Dang.

  47. Daniel, how can I use this kind of info at a home game, it seems so advanced for a home game. I don’t think most once a month players even take into account such details.

  48. Well explained thank you gives me an insight which cannot do me any harm only financially lol

  49. Thanks for sharing! Hopefully no flack for this entry into the second door

  50. Is there a difference between “blockers” and “removal”?

  51. This content is amazing. Nearly as amazing as the artist who who restored his hair. Im on my way to what DN had 10 years ago. I hope to get hooked up with someone who has near that level of expertise.

  52. For all those whom need it, read it.
    Im a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation and for shedding they Blood for me. I love you JESUS.
    Romans 10:5/10 ct…❤️k
    JESUS Is Lord! Amen.‼️‼️.

  53. Everyone told me I had to study GTO before I go back to NL, come to find out I was doing this back in the day already, but you’re still a great talker buddy 😎

  54. Daniel, Ive been a fan for yrs. I learned a lot watching you and the other guys on Poker After Dark, But I want to know, Can you agree with me, or not? Heres my belief. MTT Games are Harder than cash games.
    I believe that to be true for these reasons. 1. The Antes,
    2. the ever increasing blinds, 3. The changes in strategy you must endure. 4. The loose, tight, mix, and chance taking in MTT games gets tougher as the game progresses. 5. less fish as the MTT runs deeper. And once youre out of chips, its over. Not only do I believe its harder than cash games, but I also feel its much safer, where as a cash game is harder to walk away from a bad session, and you could lose more money in 1 bad session, than what you have made in 3 or more, if not everything. and most true poker players get addicted, and theres a never ending game in a cash game, so its only tougher because you may not always know when to walk away. a MTT buy in is gone when you lose, but thats usually much less than what one would usually sit down with at a cash table. So Are My Points about this right? Please weigh in on this. Thanks for everything you have done for the poker world. I wish you and your loved ones much peace. Joe

  55. This is great stuff to me at the right pace. Thank you for helping to expand the game. And slowly growing my understanding.

  56. Under the gun guy has a high pair 9s up hears a real tip for yall dont over think it. Theres only so many hands ur friend can have theres only 52 cards in the deck. And depending on the strength of your hand is how you should move forward.

  57. I found out significantly less about Power Rangers than I thought I was going to when clicking the video

  58. 3:20..what about pocket 9s or not folding JJs to a flop bet on 852 Lol

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