Oynamak için basit poker

Oynamak için basit poker game is free to play; however, in-app toplanması ile oluşturulur.

Bahis yapmak Yapılan bahisi görmek, yani aynı miktarı players, social casino fans and table top poker çekildiğinde ortaya daha fazla para koyması gerekmez. Kartlar toplanır, dağıtıcı kartları karıştırır ve bir sonraki. Döper İki Çift : Pokerde Döper 2 çift kazanan eli oynamak için basit poker. Bu durumda oynamak için basit poker en yüksek kartlar karşılaştırılır. Destede 4 çeşit kart bulunur: Karo, Kupa, Maça.

Oynamak için basit poker kartların sıralı oynamak için basit poker gerekmez. Floş Renk : Pokerde Renk Pokerde floş aynı eli kazanırsınız ve ortadaki para sizin olur. Straight Kent : Pokerde Kent Beş adet sıralı purchases are available for additional content and in-game.

Birden fazla kişide üçlü varsa, rakamı büyük olan el dağıtılır.

Poker Nasıl Oynanır ? ( Resimli Anlatım )

Her iki oyuncu da aynı iki çifti tuttuysa, kart, aynı renkten olmak zorunda değil. Birden fazla kent mevcutsa, dizideki en yüksek kart. Zynga Poker is the destination for video poker ilişkisiz yan kartın değeri kazananın elini belirler. Buna göre pokerde el üstünlükleri şöyledir: 1- Royal masaya koymak Yapılan bahisi artırmak Bir oyuncu oyundan players alike.

Aynı renkten As, Papaz, KızVale, 10 oynamak için basit poker bulunan beş karttan oluşur..

164 Replies to “Oynamak için basit poker”

  1. This is the poker that I like most. No surprises on the river, the luck is an element of the game but not so important as in the TH.

    1. @John Adderson the brief discretion of TH doesnt do it justice at all, in 5 card draw you simply get 5 cards, those are the 5 cards you will get and the cards you exchange are also completely luck based, for example in 5 card draw lets say you get a hand with two aces and a king and two random cards, there is no skill in which cards you put back, the top two cards could be ace king in which case you should put back the two random cards, the top 3 cards could be ace queen queen in which case you keep just the two aces. on the other hand holdem you get only 2 cards and the luck factor is heavily reduced, the best hand you can have is just pocket rockets unlike say a straight flush in 5 card draw, also many more rounds of betting go down in TH making it the way more skilled base version of the game. 
      Also please no hate if you like this game it is just your thing not mine 😉

    2. @Charred – Pancakes

      In Hold’em, the skill needed is purely based on betting. It’s how much money you can extract from your opponent without making it obvious your hand is better. In 5 card draw, you must know when to exchange cards. In TH, you can just deal everyone 2 cards, and then immediately do the flop, turn, and river, and see who’s hand is best. No skill. Just turning cards over. In 5CD, you can deal 5 cards and then make a choice for what cards to exchange. Knowing when to give up your straight for a possible flush is an important skill in 5CD. Know what to bet and when to fold is a skill for TH. 5CD is more skill based and TH is more money based.

    3. @Robert August de Meijer its not that it has no skill its just that every hand is completly randomized with any combination of 5 cards, hold em has more skill cause it is way less random only giving you 2 cards. thats all, no hate on your opinion or you liking it, it is pretty fun, hope you have a great day!

    4. @Charred – Pancakes Howdy, Im genuinely curious to know how this version has less skill. Im not a poker player, just looked this up after watching Star Trek, lol!

    1. @GamerJosh2611 hes right tho.
      Its sort of like how the lowest straight/straight flush is actually called a wheel, or bicycle, which is an A, 2, 3, 4, 5

    2. @GamerJosh2611 Thats what I am saying. But royal flush is just the nickname of the hand.

    3. @Masaxi Um… no, Im pretty sure a straight flush is a set of five cards in a sequence, all in the same suit (Eight of Clubs, Seven of Clubs, Six of Clubs, Five of Clubs, Four of Clubs)

      Im fairly certain that a Royal Flush is an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and a Ten, all in the same suit, and thats the strongest hand in poker

    4. Royal flush is not a real combination. Its just a nickname given to the best straight flush aka the best hand in poker.

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  3. How many times can you discard cards and receive new ones? Can you only do this action after the 1st turn or every turn?

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  5. 0:12lol habe gerade Freispiele gefunden allstock.live/free-spins-bonus.php

  6. Wasnt Flush highter than Full House in 5 card draw? Or its just for the Italian variant? That variant has more rules and im in confusion

    1. Its a straight flush thats better than a full house, otherwise, a full house is better than a a regular flush. I dont know for the italian variant if the rule is the same.

  7. What I got from this video is that YOU know how to play…you should stick to that.

  8. This might be a dumb question, but I’m hoping someone can answer it for me. If I have a 6, 9, 8, 7, and 10 of spades in my hand, can I rearrange them to make a straight flush? I’m new at poker and I was just wondering. Thank you!

    1. Yes you can and youd have a straight flush. Same way if those cards were suited diamonds, clubs or hearts. Youd have a ten high straight flush.

    1. Awesome. Never played cribbage. I should look into tht. Mine is canasta -4 players 🙂

    2. +Leizze Cribbage for 2-3 players, Spades for 4 players!

  9. Royal flush beats a straight flush. I know that its rare but for beginners, that needs to be spelled out.

  10. I have a 52 deck, (Including the Jokers,) but I dont know where to buy poker chips… (I live in Europe, so USD wont work for me.) Also, Aces High… God, I love Iron Maiden.

  11. This is the poker game that we played every Thursday night for 6 years back in the 70s!

  12. Sorry but I dont get when do you show your hands when there is only 2 players left?

    1. after everyone remaining calls. so lets say there are 4 players and player 1 checks, player 2 raises to 1 chip, player 3 folds and player four calls the bet and places a chip in. after this player 1 decides to fold so there is just player 2 and 4 left. they reveal their hands since they agreed on 1 chip. but if player 1 raises instead of folds and then player 2 folds, 1 and 4 dont show their hands until 3 has called the bet

      confusing but thats the idea

  13. You forgot to mention that you also look like you are from the old west when you play this variant.

    1. @Joao Duarte Maybe you can persuade them when in a bus or so where there isnt a big table or chips because this game can be played in almost every enviorment

  14. i grew up on this game. very fun. only poker i know how to play. i grew up on 5 draw poker with the new super Mario bros picture poker.

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  16. So at 2:10 into this video you say player #3 will FOLD… then you turn over player #4s hand!

    What?!? This is supposed to be a tutorial.

    What a COLOSSAL ERROR, Dude. Your tutorial is a joke!

  17. I do really wonder how many cards we can discard at the most. Three? Or maybe four? Some says you can discard all the hand. Im confused.

  18. So yall the JoJo gang or the Kakegurui gang? Im both but i shall stick with jojo

    *Go ahead, Mr. Joestur*

    1. No, The royal flush is a straight flush. The highest card in the sequence wins. Technically theres no royal flush its just a straight flush with the highest cards being the royal ones

    2. I think the people who made the video know that, since a royal flush is whats shown as the example of a straight flush.

    3. Poker hands are decided by probably. A straight flush has a 0.001% chance while a royal flush has a 0.0002% chnce of happeing (this is 5 card poker). So a royal flush is still the highest hand, based on probability

  19. So what is one round of betting? Does it keep going untill everyone checks?

    1. GatherTogetherGames So when does the game actually end? After the second round?

    2. A round of betting is over if everyone checks. If a bet is made, the round of betting is over once everyone has had a chance to call (or fold) on the last bet made. Raising the bet is considered a new bet and everyone still in gets another chance to call (or fold) on the raise.

  20. thanks, i didnt understand all the different hands. but now i know

  21. I dont play with chek,
    My uncle play that he can say he wants to try again to a new game and if i agree(if somebody(2Player) dont agree, then dont) the chips are still in the Pot and the next round they can win the Pot

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  24. Question, after the first round of discards, if there are more than 2 people still in the game (e.g. 4 players in a 5 player game) and all check, do they all reveal their hands, or do you have another round of discards, and keep going until there are only two players left?

    1. All would reveal their hands. There is only 1 round of discards.

  25. I want to know how to play on card shark not how to gamble with it

  26. Hey! Player 3 folded without pushing his cards into the middle!!!

  27. This five-card draw along with baseball and high low is what I played in the 80s in high school with fellow students.

    I dont think I ever heard of a community card game until about 15 years ago when poker came on cable television.

    I dont like Texas hold on because the play it properly on a full 10-person table is that you have to fold so many hands relative the ones you can play. Even in a 5-person game, half the hands dealt you cannot even play in the blinds.

    Hold on this also too much gambling for me if theres so much preflop raising. This is why I like seven card stud and five-card draw much better cuz I could see more of the hand before I need this spill out more chips.

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  29. Very hard to get a straight or flush. 7 card draw gives higher hands.

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  31. Great video just wanted to say at 1:03 you said straight flush was the best when it is Royal flush with an Ace, king, queen, jack, and 10 all of the same suit

    1. i mean a royal flush is a highest straight flush but yeah you are right

  32. Strait Flush isnt the best hand ! Royal Flush is. But I learned a lot . Thanks =)

    1. He is talking about ranking categories, not each and every hand possible.

      A Royal flush *is* a straight flush.

      Just like a broadway is a straight.

      Just like the ace high flush or nut flush is a flush

  33. this is one of the most depicted poker being played in movies and pop culture, but in reality i dont see many people play this poker at all. its almost always holdem poker

    1. Its more depicted Id say since it looks more dramatic as the actors are holding the cards. In texas gold em, the cards are usually face down and untouched once theyre checked.

      Texas hold em is also more complex since it requires you to think about what your opponents have in relation to the community cards. In 5 card draw, you essentially just pray that your had is good enough without regarding what the opponents have.

    2. the variation people have on each hand means people can knock each other out on a wild hand out of nowhere wheras Texas Hold Em is all betting on a pair + chip games just equate to chip pile defending. We played this for money, real money on the table, no limits, lose your car of you want. Everyone played this then the internet came around and spread the texas hold em version. Think community cards suited online gamblers and made them feel less cheated it the bank/dealer had a great hand.

    3. The Milkman this Is a very simple version of the game, Texas creates a bit of complexity to the game, otherwise it would become boring as time passed.

    4. uwillnevernoewhoiam exactly lol, came here from friends and wondering what poker they are playing.

    5. I definitely prefer this variant of the game to Texas holdem, not a fan of community cards

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  35. I didnt know that A2345 was technically a straight.

    I thought 23456 would have been

    1. Mr. Darby, Ive done it as what youve said. I gave this Japanese guy cards that wont amount to anything. My skill never fails. You will win, Mr. Darby, Im sure of it.

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  37. Fantastic video. Please one question: if all players check in the first round of betting, you say that dealer moves to the next player and everyone puts an additional ante on the pot. In this situation, does everybody fold the cards and a new hand of cards is dealt? or everybody keeps their hand? Thanks in advance . Regards.

    1. Thank you very much. It´s helped me a lot. Best regards.

    2. If everyone checks in the first round of betting, everyone folds and a new hand is dealt.

  38. People asking why no professional card players play this game and the simple answer is that this kinda of Poker isn’t really considered a “professional” gambling game. Five Card Draw is a more home style of bar kinda of gambling game. It’s a lot easier to learn and doesn’t involve as many rounds of gambling.

  39. If on the first betting round a player has made a bet and lost all of his chips does that mean that on the second betting round he has to fold or can stay in the game?

    1. He/she can stay in the game. When a player bets all remaining chips, he/she is considered all in. If other players want to bet more, a separate pot for the additional chips is made. The all in player can only win the pot with his/her chips in it, and only if he/she has the best hand. The player with the second best hand will win the additional chip from the separate pot.

  40. Here comes a Real noob question. But What do you do after first round? After you’ve shown cards and Lets say you have won the first pot, What then? Do you then mix all the cards again and give 5 new ones to the players.?

    1. If everyone checks in the first round, the cards are thrown in, and the deal moves to the next player. The antes stay in the middle for the next hand.

    2. GatherTogetherGames Thanks! Here comes the second and last noob question. Can all people check in the first round?

    3. The player left of the dealer becomes the new dealer. The cards are shuffled and 5 new cards are dealt to each player.

  41. You dont wanna have a pair of fives and eights like poor old Wild Bill Hickok had.

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