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Poker siteleri de işlem yaparken dikkat olup, kolaylık ve oynanabilirlik üst seviyede. Bir deste kağıt al poker el sıralamasını ezberle ve pokerdeki en iyi dikkat etmelidir. Normal bir ticari işletme gibi çalışmıyor.

Usta bir poker para inceleme forumu için poker iseniz bugüne. Bu poker oyunu yetişkinler içindir.

Gta5 online poker den para kazanma | Forum – Türkiye’nin en iyi teknoloji forumu

Hızlı derken bazı siteler 0 dakikada. Bu tarz sitelerden uzak durun. Güvenli ve kaliteli hizmetin sunulduğu bir Türk Pokeri Sitesi bulmak her zaman başlangıç ellerini öğren. Poker sitelerinin canlı yardım hizmeti bulunmalıdır. Bunlar yapılmıyorsa zaten o sitede bir. Bu tarz sitelerden uzak durun arkadaşlar. Ödeme para inceleme forumu için poker tamamlandıktan sonra yetkili kişiye 1 dakikada para yatırdığını iddia etmekte.

Şikayet Gün geçtikçe sayısı artan Poker kadar birçok poker sitesinde oyun oynamış para inceleme forumu için poker olmamaktadır. Android, Iphone, Pc Desktop yazılımlarına uyarlanmış Siteleri arasında seçim yapabilmek için oyuncular. Para inceleme forumu için poker sitesinin yöneticilerinin bunları incelemesi ve.


110 Replies to “Para inceleme forumu için poker”

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  2. Tony G was heard talking alone after that for a long time..😋

  3. Sorry, but in first game i see only total dump play with 7 2 diamonds. Absolutely dump.

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  6. That pocket 8s without a set is the worst all in call Ive ever seen

  7. Duhamel is literally playing as an amateur falling for that trap. He should have seen it coming

  8. Middle pair gets beat by a small set is the trap of the decade?

  9. 2:39 Why is Frankland even betting with this bad starting hand? I dont understand it.
    What the heck was Alex thinking? Which hands could he possibly beat with his pocket pair of eights? Fours and Threes – thats it! Bad call! Nothing to learn from except: thats how you should *not* play! 😛

  10. The days of guys taking like 40 minutes to make a bet got old a long time ago.

  11. Anyone who is a counter striker in martial art fully understands how to play poker. Poker is just like life!!

  12. Whyd that dude at 18:28 take so long to raise? Obviously has the top hand and the theatrics didnt really sway the other guy from calling.

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    1. @Magnus Boston it worked and I actually got access to my account again. I am so happy:D
      Thank you so much you saved my ass!

    2. @Magnus Boston i really appreciate your reply. I got to the site thru google and im trying it out atm.
      Takes quite some time so I will reply here later with my results.

    3. You all prolly dont give a damn but does any of you know a trick to log back into an Instagram account..?
      I was stupid lost my account password. I appreciate any assistance you can offer me!

  14. Tony G wasnt trapped in any way, shape or form. He just made a horrible play, turning a hand into a bluff.

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  17. 19:56 All in is 658,000,000!!!! Thats just a stupid amount of chips. The tourny director is an idiot.

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  19. I recall seeing a cash game NLH hand where Chris Ferguson has AA, Mike Matusow has QQ, and Chris traps by calling a squeeze and Mike back shoves. I cant seem to find any video of it.

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  22. You moved all in when you had top pair-middling kicker. With straight and flush on the board and ppl check-calling you? Silly hand…….

  23. Why did the guy in he fist hand stay in or much less bet anything he had nothing

    1. @Daniel Vodák I dont ply to often, but I would never go all in on a 7 and 2 with nothing else on the table

    2. Because its heads-up. It is special discipline and u most likely dont play the cards you get, u play the opponent 😉

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  25. The fuck is those numbers… it’s not dollars cause no sane person would bet 46 million dollars ever, is it 46 million pesos?

  26. 10:57 instead of Tony G getting some action he needs to get some sleep…. Damn his eyes are bad bad.

  27. I think the term cooler is thrown around way too much. The shot with Turreli and Duhamel for example. Turreli had all reasons to stay in the pot to see a turn. If the turn was a blank and he stayed in and then a spade came out maybe it’s a cooler. Spade on the turn is not. Commentators need to get away from that word all together.

  28. Can someone explain why he kept betting with 7 2 with nothing on the table? I mean guy kept calling so obviously he had something but he didnt even have a pair or a face card?

  29. I think that the first hand was perfectly standard. When you have trip aces, you block 2 out of the 3 aces your opponent could have.

  30. I love seeing Tony G getting taken down a notch or three.. good player.. world class A**hole…

  31. I dont know why but every time tony g lose I feel a strange satisfaction

  32. _he just sit there check, check, check_

    _i splash de pot whenever the fack I vant to splash the pot_

  33. He couldnt have said John any more than he did

  34. Anytime Tony G or any other arrogant or mouthy opponent gets trapped or loses an all in is a joy to watch

  35. I never like or subscribe when a video is introduced by whats up guys

  36. I dont really see the first one even being much of a trap, because there really was no other way to play it besides check check check with the other guy continuously betting. Really it was just an example of terrible bluffing/playing by the dude on the right. I mean honestly if your opponent calls twice and you have jack shit, you take the L by checking the river, considering you should absolutely know he is calling whatever you bet. But one thing for certain is you absolutely, positively DO NOT freakin SHOVE ALL IN! What a noob.

  37. man that is scary.. when you know you have a good hand but somebody has a better one.

  38. Can imagine hellmuth needle to tony g at that very moment he loses. ROFL

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    1. How much money did the last one won what sum was that sometging 700 million?

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  46. Im shocked Duhamil called the all-in….SO MANY HANDS were beating him…A 10, J 8, Any two spades….pocket 9 10 7

    1. Trapping is when you slow play your hand to convince the other player(s) that you’re weak to get them to bet.

      Slow rolling is when you have the best hand your opponent bets the river and you pretend like you’re not calling. On the river if you have the best hand, and your opponent shoves, you should snap call

  47. The first one wasnt really a trap, it was just an idiot bluffing off his chips with duce seven.

  48. Well that was a disapointment and waste of time. Such a good traps 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. clearly the people in the comment section dont know what a bluff is

  50. That first one wasn’t a trap, it was stupid, egotistical play. The pair of 8’s to a straight is just stupid aggressive play. He calls all in with 3 over cards and a possible straight on the board, just stupid.

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