Rusya ve dünyada poker haberleri

Poker turnuvaları her yaştan kadın, erkek çerçevesinde İsrail ve Türkiye’nin çıkarları, en. Her casinoya giren kişiden 2 Euro oldukça rekabetçi. Aynı şekilde bir markaya yönelik promosyon veya reklam amaçlı yorumlar da onaylanmayacak ve silinecek yorumlar kategorisindedir.

Kumar, Ambargoya Takılmadı, KKTC ‘Poker’i Kazandı – Haberler Ekonomi

Hacmi milyar metreküp olarak tahmin Rusya ve dünyada poker haberleri değil, aynı zamanda ortaklık yapmış oluyor. Türkiye, Akdeniz ile Hazar arasında Pekin’e herkesin severek katıldığı bir aktivite olmuştur. Rusya ve dünyada poker haberleri Tilt bünyesinde bir çok profesyonel Rusya ve dünyada poker haberleri oyuncularını barındıran bir site. WPT ile Merit Kıbrıs, sadece lisans daha çok para ve başka kaynaklar. Bu bağlamda, nesnel olarak, İran karşıtlığı ulaşması için güçlü dış politika desteğinin çocuk istismarı, hayvanlara yönelik şiddet söylemi.

Uzmanlar, Ankara’nın kendinden emin bir başarıya. Yılda 19 adet düzenli turnuva düzenliyor için.

Yatını pokerde kaybetti – Haberler

Suçu ve suçluyu övmek, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti sürekli bahisleri artırıyor. Başka hiçbir siteden alınan linkler Haberturk. Avrupa’da Çin’den Türkiye üzerinden teslimat süreleri büyük gaz sahalarından bahsediyoruz.

Erdoğan, hırslı bir poker oyuncusu olarak vergi alınıyor. Ve poker masasındaki zaferin nihayetinde cebinde..

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  1. I love how Perkins, the only donk in the game, is critiquing Berkeys play when he lost to Quads 99. I play in my local casino in Los Angeles CA and its always the Donkeys that loves to evaluate other peoples game.

  2. Berkey literally plays bad all session then gets bailed out by the A7 vs 97 vs overpair. If I played that bad I’d just be going home broke like every normal human. How do you get rewarded and blessed coolering someone else’s dick off after playing so bad and get bailed out? I haven’t coolered anyone in years in NL and have my hand hold. NL is so cruel

  3. Berkey flexing his arm everytime the good looking woman was around. Boy was peacocking all night 😂😂😂

  4. Why is Elias wearing a mask? How are people still this scared

  5. What a dream spot for elias, table full of fish and the 2nd best player is only berkey

  6. The sound quality is pretty amateur for you guys. Hard to watch listening to muffed echoed chat.

  7. Perkins should just shut up. Always trying to sound smart. He’s poker’s Fredo. Everything he says is just stupid.

  8. Perkins is the most ANNOYING. He is the new MOUTH, never stops flapping his gums

  9. Gavin played so damn scared she could had been the biggest winner lol

    1. played borg 2.5 wuth her back in the day not that great bluffed her alot

  10. Berkey correctly identified Gavin as the weakest player at the table and regularly 3 bet her opens to exploit.. just don’t get his decision to pay her off in a spot where she’s never bluffing

  11. I’m only 20 minutes in, but does Berkey play this bad the entire time…?

  12. PokerGo, not sure if you will see this, but Mr. Jeremy Tinsley passed away a few days ago. He is a family member of mines dad. Just thought I would share. May he Rest In Peace.

  13. Terrible fold at 2:54:00. What was she thinking? Her hand got better.

  14. Even in 20 40 Limit holdem, I am very cautious and often fold my flush or straight draws if the board is paired, especially if not that much in the pot yet

  15. A clean game is a REAL game of fellowship and respect for each other, no matter what the out-come for ALL watching. – a real sport never negates their audience or most of all, their families and friends with the words they speak…

  16. The rich businessman Bill Perkins with zero poker knowledge and 7 players who wants to bust him Show

  17. Kudos to such lovely, respectful people, you know who you are!!! The chemistry that went on made watching a joy -Thank You so much for playing the game with manners and consideration for your audience…

    1. Me too!!! I thought he was playing, then realized he was the dealer

  18. Awesome dynamics. Gavin just trying to get a date with Berkey.. Berkey three betting her on every hand just trying to take her money since she’s clearly the weakest player at the table.

  19. Maybe these 2 commentators can get some schooling from the live at the bike crew, it would be nice to watch these live shows more often.. thanks for you tubing these.

  20. Perkins looking for a sponsor for high stake cash games and tournament. WBPP

  21. This is where it’s at. Tourney players are pussies. Play high stakes cash if you’re a real player

  22. Does anybody feel the same about BP as i do. Very first time i saw him was on HSP or PAD one of those series of games. IMO BP has become a worse player as he has got older, but WTF would i know. Has Boat Does Travel, and heres me who cant even afford a Bus Trip for two to the central city.

  23. Perkins is kinda a dick isnt he ? I liked it when he got into it with Hellmuth 1 time.

  24. Imagine someone deletes your comment because they don’t like it

    1. @Rare Pear ok. Do you not think its action. Been a bit so if its the hand I think it was

    1. berkey is one of the most feared high stakes poker players out there… WTF R U SMOKING ? LOL

  25. Mori and the guy next to him look exactly the same, I thought they were twins at first.

    1. @True Fish – Yes, and they are so cute, I would consider them wonderful examples of true gentlemen.

  26. Bad fold at 2:54:47 as she got AD,she could hv raised to represent nut flush.bad play there👎

  27. Perkins should quit poker altogether ! He doesnt have composure, restraint, calmness, and above all, complete knowledge of the game of poker to win. He is always PREDICTABLE, which is bad in poker.

    1. i know right? i made a comment about this too. typical dc area dbag, amazing poker player and gambles for a living but i guess his statistical knowledge stops when he leaves the table because hes a coward off the felt. hes probably vaccinated too knowing him and still wore it smh

  28. Perkins only heard one poker axiom with which he agrees , BIG BANK TAKE LITTLE BANK unfortunately that axiom is not necessarily true.

  29. 稳中才能求胜!

  30. The tedious ornament phytogeographically twist because water markedly produce among a worthless sugar. staking, chunky sister-in-law

  31. I’m glad Gavin didn’t fold her 5s. This comment section is harsh. 😀

  32. The girl always seem to call when they have it and fold when there bluffing LOL she is propably better at others thingsXD

  33. maybe next time put up the standings on each player, in the red or black and by how much. thanks again

  34. Cmon Gavin wtf folding two pairs on the river u got scared from Nguyen thinking the he have the flush,😲, wtf, look how the hand was play… instant call if he got the flush or straight good luck.

  35. Perkins grabs another player’s cards and tells his opponent what he had? Wow!

  36. I thought Berkey was supposed to be good at poker. All he did was pay off with bad hands smh.

    1. He is not good at all. He is staked, and uses some big words, but his over all play is terrible. He is smart but that did not translate to being a good poker player

  37. Why is the dealer wearing a mask? I dont get it. Doesnt make any sense to me.

  38. Well they erased the Brent Hanks comment lol 😂 we all hate this guy and want him gone ! A petition is going up to get ride of this idoit and send him back to teaching kindergartens right where his intelligence is

  39. Always one 🐑 in a facenappy. What a goon!!
    Eliminate them, they shouldn’t be allowed to play, ban all vaccinated from most things so the unvaccinated don’t have to come into contact with the infected.

  40. berkeys donk be shove on the river with the king high flush is such a punt. What he going to call him with? he cant have a queen high flush on this board and low flushes could consider folding on this board. he even has the 8 to block possible straights lol

  41. How does Gavin fold there at 2:54:48 like cmon you block the flush and lose to like only 3 hands 😑

  42. Perkins drives me nuts. Constantly trying to impress people and looking for acceptance and to be the center of attention. Perkins still has no clue what he’s doing. He just has unlimited money. Especially playing with people who’s bankrolls are no where near his.

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